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NCHS Students Make A Difference

Tue, 07 May 2013 15:21:09 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

NCHS Students Make A Difference (Photo by Bobbi Hassel)
More than 100 Normal Community High School students and supporters will celebrate the power of community activism Wednesday morning as they ride their bikes from Four Seasons to NCHS. The students including Junior Austin Savage lobbied the town for an extension of the Constitution Trail last year.

"Just realizing that when more than one person comes together we can make a huge difference."

Senior Calvin Wilson says he would like to see another extension down Airport Road, but this is also satisfying.

"Helps show that not only is the school but the community wants to improve pedestrian traffic around our school, cause where we are located is not exactly the most pedestrian friendly. I guess when someone is driving and they see a trail they can see they have the opportunity to bike or walk or, hey if you want to run to school go for it."

Senior Student Kellan Marvin says she is pleased with the result because safety is a big issue for NCHS and everywhere as more people bike.

"It's really becoming safer for everybody. It's kind of like the cliché saying you are not stuck in traffic, you are traffic. I think that's really applicable to our school and biking out here."

Marvin says she takes a valuable lesson from the whole process.

"I will definitely be more open to organizing things in the future trying to make like a stand for what I believe in and trying to make more of a difference, rather than just saying what I feel."

Unit Five Schools are even planning an addition to the Town's section of trail. They hope to spend $25,000 to extend the trail a quarter mile east and help students avoid having to cross the busy parking lot near the pool. Depending on available funding, a spokeswoman says that could be a summer project. Not coincidentally, the ride and ribbon cutting come on National Bike to School Day.


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