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Twin Cities bus system plans multiple hires

Wed, 24 Apr 2013 12:09:24 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Connect Transit wants to hire seven people in the next budget year. That's included in the draft spending plan under consideration. Bus system director Andrew Johnson says there are a couple maintenance jobs, an information technology person, an external affairs manager, someone for planning and grants, business development, and labor relations.

"It has long been a problem that we do not have people dedicated to handling external affairs, people dedicated to handling planning. We are essentially filling in the blanks that we have had for many years, positions that should have been there all along."

Johnson says the new positions will not have a big impact on the proposed budget

"It's a budget that does not increase. In fact, it is a slight decrease in total expenses. It's an increase in locally generated operating revenues such as farebox and universal access contracts."

Johnson says some of the positions should also pay for themselves in new revenue or lower costs. The proposed budget would spend nearly $9.9 million. 85% off that comes from state and federal revenue. Bloomington and Normal pitch in less than a million dollars of the total.

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