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GLT Sound Ideas 11/01/16

Nov 1, 2016

A new survey of Bloomington voters reveals what they think of issues and candidates. It also shows a large number of undecided voters in the race for President. Illinois Wesleyan University Political Scientist Tari Renner--also Bloomington's Mayor-- says the survey also pitted Bruce Rauner against Dick Durbin in a fictional race for Governor. Willis Kern has the interview with Renner and a student researcher. There's a local effort aimed at bringing an end to human trafficking. GLT correspondent Maria Henneberry talks with an organizer of the effort.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/31/16

Oct 31, 2016

Music is the universal language, and everyone can carry a tune--literally. You'll visit a Methodist church in Bloomington where the hand-bell choir has been a part of worship for a half century. A Libertarian think tank with ties to Governor Bruce Rauner is showing a movie it produced about the life of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. IPR's Amanda Vinicky takes a close up look at the film. And you'll hear from one of the so-called "masters of soulful folk," Oliver Wood. The Wood Brothers play at the Castle Theatre Wednesday night.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/28/16

Oct 28, 2016

Cubs hysteria is sweeping the continent and now the stage is set for the first World Series game at Wrigley Field in 71 years. Baseball blogger and former GLT staffer Zach Bernard gets you set for World Series game three at the "Friendly Confines." The Wrigley Field theme song was recorded decades ago by Chicago's Steve Goodman, but there's an interesting back story to the tune "Go Cubs Go". RC McBride fills you in. And, There's no household hazardous waste collection event in Bloomington-Normal this year, but there is a mega-recycling collection coming up.

Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize for literature may highlights a new similarity between pop art and fine art. ISU's Jan Susina talks with Charlie Schlenker about Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize. Hear how Supernatural TV has changed from cute, like Bewitched, to the frightful, like The Walking Dead. And find out why Big Head Todd isn’t with The Monsters. Jon Norton has the interview with Todd Mohr, playing the Castle theater with Big Head's Blues Club.

GLT Sound ideas 10/26/16

Oct 26, 2016

An ISU review of traffic stops in Normal last year shows a marked increase in warnings for drivers under the age of 26. Normal's police chief Rick Bleichner says that's to be expected, partly because of the population base and partly because of the stage of life. You'll also hear from the criminal justice sciences professor who analyzed the data, and some ISU students who were stopped. Plus State Farm CEO Michael Tipsord sets foot outside the corporate environment in a speech to the business community. And flu shots for the furry in the family.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/25/16

Oct 25, 2016

Under the electoral college system, it's possible a candidate could win only 11 states and win the presidency. That sometimes has a chilling effect on voter turnout. Illinois State University political scientist Kerri Milita talks to Willis Kern about the electoral college and how it could play out in this year's election. Hear from a Democrat who might run to be Illinois’ next Governor. Charlie Schlenker talks with State Senator Daniel Biss. And Mayor Renner is in the studio to talk about a hotel development, not in downtown. 

GLT Sound Ideas 10/24/16

Oct 24, 2016

Hear about being mortal. Advanced medical science can more easily predict how the human body approaches the end of life, easing the stress on family and the person dying. Advocate BroMenn chaplain Cheree' Johnson previews the documentary film Being Mortal, showing at the Illinois State University Alumni Center. Jon Norton talks with Alligator Records founder about the co-founder of another great blues label, Chess Records. And, age is just a number, even in rock and roll. Laura Kennedy introduces you to the Grannies Band.

The book 'White Bread' deals with a fictional white teacher comfortable in her routine life who discovers a hundred year old letter that calls into question her own background. Hear how the book typifies the work of a major conference on diversity at ISU, uniting to challenge systems of oppression. Plus an update on a family, a year, and an RV odyssey across the U.S. Hear about a theatrical reading of a work on the rise of fascism, 'It Can't Happen Here.' And checking on the spirits of a dedicated Cubs fan.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/20/16

Oct 20, 2016

With the presidential election less than three weeks away, our experts dissect the third Presidential debate. ISU political scientists Erik Rankin and Tom McClure a talk about how the candidates performed and what might happen on November 9. Charlie Schlenker talks with a child prodigy in both music and chess.  Meet Harmony Zhu. And get to know Moon Hooch. The dance-jazz-rock trio is coming to Urbana’s Canopy Club Friday. 

GLT Sound Ideas 10/19/16

Oct 19, 2016

Buddhism in the U. S. is back in the spotlight, following last week's death of Thailand's reigning monarch. Buddhist monks focus as much on people and the world as they do a higher being and those living in Thailand differ from those of other faiths in that they typically don't remain monks their entire life.  You'll hear from ISU professor Pruthikrai Mahatanankoon about his formative years as a Buddhist monk Thailand.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/18/16

Oct 18, 2016

Bloomington's public school district is paying for a program that helps bring the internet into the homes of low-income families, but superintendent Barry Reilly says most districts can't afford to do this.  Hear about the latest on home internet access, and corporate donated school computers. Charlie Schlenker has the interview. Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner talks about infrastructure costs and whether the city should focus on the city's core or newer subdivisions. And get some analysis on the Cubs post season.    

GLT Sound Ideas 10/17/16

Oct 17, 2016

We’re talking Route 66 today. The Route 66 Miles of Possibility conference in the twin cities this week centers on economic development, history, preservation and culture. You'll hear from the conference organizer, Terry Ryburn, and four presenters at the conference in the twin cities later this week. Willis Kern talks with an author of five books on Route 66 about how communities are using the highway to revitalize historic districts. You’ll find out what kind of experience African Americans had along the highway prior to the civil rights act.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/14/16

Oct 14, 2016

It's a one-hour debate between the two major candidates for Congress in Illinois' 13th district. The district extends from the East St. Louis area to the south, up to Champaign-Urbana, Bloomington-Normal and west to the Illinois River. The Republican incumbent Rodney Davis faces off against Democratic challenger Mark Wicklund. The debate moderator is Niala Bhoodoo, host of The 21st, heard weekday mornings at 11 on GLT.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/13/16

Oct 13, 2016

Donald Trump said his sexually charged comments we’re “just words.” Administrators at ISU think words matter and are working to combat sexual assault by enlisting the help of students. Hear about efforts to counter sex assault through workshops involving campus student leaders, athletes, and those in Greek life. You’ll visit a naturalization ceremony and hear from newly minted U.S. citizens. And this is the perfect time of year to plant a tree. During our gardening program Grow, find out what kind of trees to plant…and even how to dig the hole.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/12/16

Oct 12, 2016

ISU's president understands the business aspect of creating budgets, but wants politicians to understand a college education is a value proposition. Larry Dietz conducts a cost-benefit analysis of going to college, and gives an update on state budget talks and ISU fundraising to GLT’s Willis Kern. You’ll also hear from Heartland Community College President Rob Widmer, who talks enrollment numbers with Charlie Schlenker. And you’ll hear from the Smoker’s Blues Band, playing Buddy Guy’s Legends club in Chicago Saturday night. 

GLT Sound Ideas 10/11/16

Oct 11, 2016

Illinois U. S. Senator Dick Durbin, second in command among Democrats in the Senate, stops by Sound Ideas to discuss the presidential politics and how it is likely to impact party control of Congress. Connect Transit Andrew Johnson announces twin cities buses could be pulled off the road at the end of the year due to a lack of state funding. And Ted Nichelson brings his gloriously renovated 86-year-old Lyon and Healy Style 26 harp into the GLT studios for a live demonstration.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/10/16

Oct 10, 2016

The Presidential debate, like the campaign, is like no other. Some say many lines have been crossed in many weeks. Threatening to lock up a political opponent is unprecedented in a presidential debate or campaign. ISU Politics and Government professors Tom McClure and Erik Rankin join us talk about what they heard and where the GOP goes from here.  The power vacuum in the Middle East was discussed in the debate. You’ll hear from the former Iraqi U.N Ambassador.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/07/16

Oct 7, 2016

There's a long history of voter suppression in the U.S. And some Illinois State University scholars say it's still going on today. Hear about historic parallels to the post Civil War era in this year's election, and the art history of voter suppression. Plus, the politics of fear, rampant in this Presidential campaign on both sides, and details of the regional transportation plan for McLean county and public opinion outreach to enrich that plan.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/05/16

Oct 6, 2016

Illinois State University Political Scientists Erik Rankin and Tom McClure analyze the debate between Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine and his Republican counterpart, Mike Pence. You'll hear from some of the Normal Community High School students who took part in Tuesday's mock election, choosing the Democrat Hillary Clinton as the next president. And the Georgia Songbird makes a return appearance in the midwest this weekend. Jon Norton catches up with blues singer-songwriter E.G. Kite.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/04/16

Oct 4, 2016

Spiritual healing is offered on a regular basis at a church in central Illinois.  Go inside one of the few, remaining free-standing spiritualist churches in America--it's in LeRoy. GLT's Judy Valente is your guide. There's a solid chance the U.S. could elect the first female president. Hillary Clinton is a trailblazer but there are other prominent women before her who've sought the nation's highest public office. Jon Norton talks with an Illinois State University history professor.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/03/16

Oct 4, 2016

Tour the latest exhibit at Illinois State's University Galleries with famed artist and ISU grad Wonsook Kim. Decades after she exhibited as a student, Kim talks about her work on display. You'll get the latest on the Bloomington-Normal Restaurant Scene with Larry Carius, and hear a preview of this week's Homecoming activities at Illinois State.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/30/16

Sep 30, 2016

Sometimes the President's daily intelligence brief gets it spectacularly wrong. What about the 1973 Egyptian attack on Israel? The author of the President's Book of Secrets says case officers in the CIA kick themselves about that to this day. But, analysts got it right in predicting the fall of communism and the coup against Mikhail Gorbachev. An interview with Illinois Wesleyan University graduate David Priess. Plus, one of the teachers who has become a national leader in opposition to standardized school testing is now championing Black Education Matters.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/29/16

Sep 29, 2016

A music focused Sound Ideas, starting with the culturally unifying dance forms of Bollywood. Laura Kennedy talks with the members of Exit 167. John Norton continues in an interview with Country Folk rocker James McMurtry talking about his evolution to songs that have a political component. And there's a a brand new singer-songwriter series at Duncan Manor in Towanda introduced by Mike McCurdy. Sound Ideas brings  you a heads up ahead of this weekend's musical appearances in Bloomington Normal. Plus, the long long list of things to do in the fall in your garden.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/28/16

Sep 28, 2016

The Democratic Candidate for Congress in the 13th district is suspicious of some trade deals including the Trans Pacific Partnership. It reflects his Decatur roots and concern about manufacturing. Meet Mark Wicklund. Charlie Schelnker has the interview. Willis Kern has some latest economic numbers.  This quarter's B-N By the Numbers event  focuses on housing trends. And during and during an edition of animal house, discover your pet is what it eats.  Laura Kennedy helps explain why quality pet food is important.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/27/16

Sep 28, 2016

A national health promotion advocate says his job really boils down to basic concept selling. Michael O'Donnell gives a keynote health lecture at ISU, but not before he talks about his work with GLT's Jon Norton.  Get post debate analysis from ISU Politics and Government Professors Erik Rankin and Tom McClure. We’ll find out how they scored the debate, and talk about income taxes, stop and frisk, and more issues brought up during the debate. And Mayor Tari Renner is live in the studio, ready for questions about an east side intersection improvement and more.


GLT Sound Ideas 09/26/16

Sep 26, 2016

Domestic violence isn't just physical, mental or emotional abuse. It can be financial. In advance of Domestic violence month, you'll hear from representatives of two groups--Countering Domestic Violence and Mid Central Community Action. Learn about mandalas and how adults are using adult coloring books as a form of meditation. Judy Valente has that report.  And Laura Kennedy previews the Illinois State University theater and dance season, which is looking globally to educate students and keep you entertained. 

GLT Sound Ideas 09/23/16

Sep 23, 2016

A church in Peoria is continuing its service combining the word of God with jazz. You'll visit Westminster Presbyterian Church in Peoria, where jazz musician David Hoffman creates the music for Jazz Vespers. You'll hear how and why he puts jazz to religion. An ISU researcher is looking into the effect of military explosions on hearing. Charlie Schlenker talks to Tony Joseph. And the Blues Blast music awards are tonight. You'll hear from from two-category nominee Toronzo Cannon.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/22/16

Sep 22, 2016

The portrayal of mothers in children's literature is complicated, even more so by the fact they often aren't around. Laura Kennedy talks with ISU English professor Karen Coats, who has co-edited a new book about mothers in children and young adult literature.  The McLean County budget is increasing by around 5%. Find out how that might affect taxpayers. Charlie Schlenker talks with county administrator Bill Wasson. And during an edition of our gardening program Grow, find out the top three weeds you really need to keep out of your turf. 

GLT Sound Ideas 09/21/16

Sep 21, 2016

McLean County Republican Party Chair Chuck Erickson and Democratic Party Leader Erik Rankin discuss incumbency and why there are so few challengers to many public office holders in McLean County. You'll hear a preview of the series Film Noir from organizer, ISU professor Bill McBride. And you'll hear from Corey Dennison, one of the contenders for the Blues Blast Music Awards, being handed out Friday night in Champaign.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/20/16

Sep 20, 2016