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GLT Sound Ideas 12/1/16

Dec 1, 2016

The head of Unit five schools has a concern over a new program with heartland community college to allow high school students to get computer science degrees, but it's not about the coursework. Charlie Schlenker has the interview with Mark Daniel about the new cooperative venture.  Following Election 2016, McLean County Democratic Party leaders are ready to listen and consider new ideas. Colleen Reynolds has more on a meeting of Democrats tonight. And hear the next musician in the Duncan Manor songwriter concert series. Jon Norton introduces you to Rebecca Rego.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/30/16

Dec 1, 2016

The right to a fair trial may be colliding with the right to public access in a Bloomington murder case. Hear GLT and Pantagraph Attorney Don Craven talk about a motion to close the courtroom and keep certain motions secret in the Kirk Zimmerman case. Also, a story of office care and heroism from GLT Correspondent Maria Henneberry, GLT's Grow, and what happened when an ISU sociologist met Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/29/16

Nov 29, 2016

Ohio State University officials told students and workers to run-hide-fight within minutes of an active shooter alert on campus. Illinois State University has the same sort of process with near street-level discretion of when to issue an alert. ISU's Emergency Manager talks with Charlie Schlenker in the wake of the butcher knife and car attack that hurt nine in Ohio. Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/28/16

Nov 28, 2016

As World AIDS day approaches, one central Illinois HIV-AIDS activist reminds everyone the virus is 100% preventable. Chris Wade speaks at Illinois State University Thursday, alongside panels from the National AIDS quilt that are on display there this week. Hear how area artists are reacting to recent political events and hoping to demonstrate how art and artists can bring about change.  And get a preview of a Castle Theater show on Wednesday. Jon Norton talks with one of the members of the alt-rock, soul-inflected, blues-tinged, Americana group Delta Rae.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/25/16

Nov 25, 2016

Today we're taking you back to Summer 2016 and relive some of the great times had at the annual GLT Free Summer Concert, held on a Saturday night in June on the square in downtown Bloomington, featuring boogie woogie pianist Eden Brent, the latin-fusion sounds of Peoria-based The Brazilionaires, and headliner Lee Rocker, one of the founding members of The Stray Cats. And to top it off, you'll hear from blues guitarist Coco Montoya, who electrified the riverfront audience at the annual Peoria Blues and Heritage Music Festival over Labor Day weekend.


GLT Sound Ideas 11/23/16

Nov 23, 2016

Donald Trump narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton in McLean County 45 to 44 percent, but his support in the rural areas was solid. You'll hear from two McLean County Trump voters, Brandon Hepner and Brian Taylor, who say there are things about Trump they don't like, but more importantly, his election signals a new wave of conservatism. Adam Nielsen with the Illinois Farm Bureau says the new Congress presents some new opportunities to create a nuanced immigration system. ISU's football team is getting ready for its third straight national tournament appearance.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/22/16

Nov 22, 2016

President-elect Trump has proposed a trillion-dollars in infrastructure spending. The question is how to pay for all of it. Find out what one central Illinois congressman is thinking when the bill comes due. Central Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis talks funding options with Charlie Schlenker. The Town of Normal is raising property taxes to fund pensions. Mayor Chris Koos is in the studio to talk about that and brewery tap rooms. And just in time for Thanksgiving, our recommendations for films about food. 

GLT Sound Ideas 11/21/16

Nov 21, 2016

Downtown Bloomington's Abundant Life in Christ Church is expanding its offerings for the homeless to include the very needy.  Pastor Charles Ahrens tells Willis Kern low-income residents living in and near downtown are the fastest growing group now served at the Church. Hear what Habitat for Humanity of McLean County is building for itself after years of building for others. And hear from the founding members of the band Poster Children, currently doing some reunion gigs…while mentoring another band Alex and the XOs. 

GLT Sound Ideas 11/18/16

Nov 18, 2016

We've heard many anecdotes of worried immigrant, minority, and religiously diverse children following the vitriolic Presidential campaign. They are in Bloomington Normal too. Hear from NCHS government teacher Kelly Keogh about how he's had to help kids since the election, defusing fear of deportation and other issues. Plus, the Illinois Symphony orchestra plays holiday pops with the second of its Music Director candidates, folksinger Carrie Newcomer has new work out, an uplifting take of life-saving sacrifice, and GLT's Sound Money.


GLT Sound Ideas 11/17/16

Nov 17, 2016

Hear from one of the four announced candidates for Bloomington Mayor. Ward 1 Alderman Kevin Lower says he's running because the current administration isn't focused on the needs of city residents. Lower discusses city spending, economic incentives, and all of those “no” votes.  Laura Kennedy talks with the photographer behind the new collection of landscapes called “A Prairie State of Mind.” And Jon Norton goes one on one with Edward David Anderson.  He’s on stage at the Castle theater this weekend.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/16/16

Nov 16, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump's comments about Muslims during the presidential campaign continued to resonate long after he spoke them. But now that he is headed to the White House, those words take on added meaning for many. You'll hear from a member of the Bloomington-Normal Muslim community, and others who belong to groups impacted by comments Trump made during the campaign. Potential new wind farms in McLean County will have to watch out for wildlife and save extra money for when they may be to be torn down. That's after action by the county board.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/15/16

Nov 15, 2016

Go live to Downtown Bloomington for a gathering of elected officials to reassure the community they're working together to mend the wounds of the Presidential election. Ward 7 alderman Scott Black organized the event at the Convergence of Purpose statue outside the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts. GLT's Willis Kern is there and Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio for reaction and to share what he thinks about increased tax levies for the city and the Bloomington Library.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/14/16

Nov 14, 2016

On Point host and Radio Faces Guest Tom Ashbrook talks about Donald Trump’s attitude toward the news media. He also reveals some secrets of his career, dubbing vintage Kung Fu movies. Laura Kennedy has the interview. There are 16,000 foster children in Illinois and less than seven percent of them will go to college. Charlie Schlenker talks with a former foster kid who’s now in college and a social worker. And just before Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials appear on Conan tomorrow night, Jon Norton talks with Ed about the band’s 30 year run on Alligator Records.   

GLT Sound Ideas 11/11/16

Nov 11, 2016

On Veterans Day some former soldiers need more than the honor we accord them. They need help. Hear about a Bloomington Normal founded group Healing Outside of a Hospital, or Hooah. Listen about military memorabilia from the teachers regiment in the civil war and other students turned soldiers from ISU. And, an in depth chat with an Illinois State University political scientist who studies globalization, applying pushback in other countries to what happened here this week.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/9/16

Nov 9, 2016

Donald Trump's stunning victory in the presidential election is being felt in many ways. Pundits and pollsters are trying to figure out how his electoral vote totals were underestimated. You'll hear from Illinois State University political scientists Erik Rankin and Tom McClure, who analyze the results, and deliver parting shots to both parties. A new exhibit at the University Galleries in Normal takes a close-up look at what inspires female contemporary artists. And an event this weekend in Bloomington seeks to help girls build self esteem. Maria Henneberry has the interview.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/08/16

Nov 8, 2016

Some faculty perceptions about how ISU administrators want classes taught are unfounded, according to the university's president. Larry Dietz weighs in on the letter some faculty members signed last month that raises concerns about shared governance at ISU. And we’ll look into future with Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos and council member Kevin McCarthy. The Town Council has received the forward looking 2040 vision report. 

GLT Sound Ideas 11/07/16

Nov 7, 2016

Shifting from Daylight to Standard time might be a good excuse for sleepiness, but only for a day. More and more science says the best way to combat sleep disorders is through adjusting behaviors.  Mennonite College of Nursing's Teresa Valerio talks with Laura Kennedy about the latest studies and trends for treating sleep disorders. Explore the differences in Uptown Normal and Downtown Bloomington redevelopment efforts with an Urban Historian. Illinois State’s Alan Lessoff tells Charlie Schlenker that downtown Bloomington is on the right track.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/04/16

Nov 4, 2016

Hear interviews with some of the candidates running in contested races for seats on the McLean County Board. There are both Republican and Democratic candidates on the ballot in districts 3, 5 and 7. In district 3, Incumbent Republican George Wendt faces off against Democratic challenger Jessielee Hinshaw. Another incumbent, Dave Selzer is the Republican candidate running against democrat Kimberly Pfeifer in district 5. And in district 7, the Democrat is the incumbent board member Victoria Harris. She is challenged by Republican Jacob Beard.

GLT News sought the assistance of the McLean County League of Women Voters in helping draft the questions for our interviews, so you'll hear a distinct thread. The League is a non-partisan political organization that does not endorse or oppose any political party or any candidates.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/03/16

Nov 3, 2016

Some fed up with the major presidential choices are turning to write-in candidates. One option is an attorney who works in Bloomington. Meet central Illinois presidential write in candidate James "Matt" Anderson, and hear how the write in candidate tabulation process works. And there was some sort of ball game last night. Hear a recap of the Cubs season and the world series win.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/2/16

Nov 2, 2016

Wind energy pumps $6 billion into the local economy. That's according to Illinois State University's Center for Renewable Energy. But Director David Loomis says wind farms remain controversial. Hear about the economic benefits of wind energy, and its place--or lack of it--in the current political debate. An upcoming event called Chairs for Change benefits two groups--YWCA Labyrinth Outreach Services to Women, and Recycling Furniture for Families. You'll hear from representatives of both organizations.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/01/16

Nov 1, 2016

A new survey of Bloomington voters reveals what they think of issues and candidates. It also shows a large number of undecided voters in the race for President. Illinois Wesleyan University Political Scientist Tari Renner--also Bloomington's Mayor-- says the survey also pitted Bruce Rauner against Dick Durbin in a fictional race for Governor. Willis Kern has the interview with Renner and a student researcher. There's a local effort aimed at bringing an end to human trafficking. GLT correspondent Maria Henneberry talks with an organizer of the effort.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/31/16

Oct 31, 2016

Music is the universal language, and everyone can carry a tune--literally. You'll visit a Methodist church in Bloomington where the hand-bell choir has been a part of worship for a half century. A Libertarian think tank with ties to Governor Bruce Rauner is showing a movie it produced about the life of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. IPR's Amanda Vinicky takes a close up look at the film. And you'll hear from one of the so-called "masters of soulful folk," Oliver Wood. The Wood Brothers play at the Castle Theatre Wednesday night.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/28/16

Oct 28, 2016

Cubs hysteria is sweeping the continent and now the stage is set for the first World Series game at Wrigley Field in 71 years. Baseball blogger and former GLT staffer Zach Bernard gets you set for World Series game three at the "Friendly Confines." The Wrigley Field theme song was recorded decades ago by Chicago's Steve Goodman, but there's an interesting back story to the tune "Go Cubs Go". RC McBride fills you in. And, There's no household hazardous waste collection event in Bloomington-Normal this year, but there is a mega-recycling collection coming up.

Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize for literature may highlights a new similarity between pop art and fine art. ISU's Jan Susina talks with Charlie Schlenker about Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize. Hear how Supernatural TV has changed from cute, like Bewitched, to the frightful, like The Walking Dead. And find out why Big Head Todd isn’t with The Monsters. Jon Norton has the interview with Todd Mohr, playing the Castle theater with Big Head's Blues Club.

GLT Sound ideas 10/26/16

Oct 26, 2016

An ISU review of traffic stops in Normal last year shows a marked increase in warnings for drivers under the age of 26. Normal's police chief Rick Bleichner says that's to be expected, partly because of the population base and partly because of the stage of life. You'll also hear from the criminal justice sciences professor who analyzed the data, and some ISU students who were stopped. Plus State Farm CEO Michael Tipsord sets foot outside the corporate environment in a speech to the business community. And flu shots for the furry in the family.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/25/16

Oct 25, 2016

Under the electoral college system, it's possible a candidate could win only 11 states and win the presidency. That sometimes has a chilling effect on voter turnout. Illinois State University political scientist Kerri Milita talks to Willis Kern about the electoral college and how it could play out in this year's election. Hear from a Democrat who might run to be Illinois’ next Governor. Charlie Schlenker talks with State Senator Daniel Biss. And Mayor Renner is in the studio to talk about a hotel development, not in downtown. 

GLT Sound Ideas 10/24/16

Oct 24, 2016

Hear about being mortal. Advanced medical science can more easily predict how the human body approaches the end of life, easing the stress on family and the person dying. Advocate BroMenn chaplain Cheree' Johnson previews the documentary film Being Mortal, showing at the Illinois State University Alumni Center. Jon Norton talks with Alligator Records founder about the co-founder of another great blues label, Chess Records. And, age is just a number, even in rock and roll. Laura Kennedy introduces you to the Grannies Band.

The book 'White Bread' deals with a fictional white teacher comfortable in her routine life who discovers a hundred year old letter that calls into question her own background. Hear how the book typifies the work of a major conference on diversity at ISU, uniting to challenge systems of oppression. Plus an update on a family, a year, and an RV odyssey across the U.S. Hear about a theatrical reading of a work on the rise of fascism, 'It Can't Happen Here.' And checking on the spirits of a dedicated Cubs fan.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/20/16

Oct 20, 2016

With the presidential election less than three weeks away, our experts dissect the third Presidential debate. ISU political scientists Erik Rankin and Tom McClure a talk about how the candidates performed and what might happen on November 9. Charlie Schlenker talks with a child prodigy in both music and chess.  Meet Harmony Zhu. And get to know Moon Hooch. The dance-jazz-rock trio is coming to Urbana’s Canopy Club Friday. 

GLT Sound Ideas 10/19/16

Oct 19, 2016

Buddhism in the U. S. is back in the spotlight, following last week's death of Thailand's reigning monarch. Buddhist monks focus as much on people and the world as they do a higher being and those living in Thailand differ from those of other faiths in that they typically don't remain monks their entire life.  You'll hear from ISU professor Pruthikrai Mahatanankoon about his formative years as a Buddhist monk Thailand.