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GLT's Sound Ideas - Full Episodes

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GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/11/17

May 11, 2017

In an update from Black Lives Matter, the group still has concerns about police relations. Cinnamon Porter talks with GLT's Judy Valente about a continued Black Lives Matter push for a citizen review panel. You'll also hear from two Illinois State University leaders. Charlie Schlenker talks with President Dietz about the budget and more. Jon Norton reports with the Illinois State University athletic director about outsourcing comprehensive multi media rights. As Wonder Woman hits the big screen, find out what makes her an enduring character. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/10/17

May 10, 2017

Hear about a new study on racial and income equality in Bloomington Normal. It finds disparities in policing, environmental pollution, discrimination, and affordable housing. GLT’s Judy Valente talks with Illinois State University student researchers about the data. You’ll hear from Mike Matejka with Not In Our Town, the group which commissioned the study. What happens now that President Trump has fired FBI director James Comey? Find out what ISU Political Scientist Meghan Leonard thinks. Discover what you need to do to keep a star of your garden shining bright.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/9/17

May 9, 2017

Rules governing the internet and data are changing. Find out what that means for users. You'll hear from Illinois State University School Of Communication Assistant Director of Convergent Media Nate Carpenter on the steps needed to protect browser history and data and what's at risk.  Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner and Alderman Amelia Buragas are in the studio following Monday's Council meeting. You'll hear about a new downtown task force and a transportation commission. We remember Ralph Smith; he helped create GLT more than 50 years ago. His memorial service is today.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/8/17

May 8, 2017

The body camera pilot program in the town of Normal has turned up an unanticipated benefit for officers. Police Chief Rick Bleichner talks with Charlie Schlenker about the time savings body cams can provide. The spring legislative session is coming to a close. Will anything get done? The IPR politics Round table will try to answer that question. And get a preview of a weekend event celebrating the Parklands Foundation Merwin Peserve.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/5/17

May 5, 2017

The town of Normal saw an 8% drop in its crime rate last year, but it wasn't easy. Hear about the annual crime report from police chief Rick Bleichner. Plus the Illinois Symphony strums with a Grammy-winning guitarist. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/4/17

May 4, 2017

Hear from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan; she has a big worry about the effect of deregulation on the internet. Madigan talks with GLT's Charlie Schlenker about net neutrality. On Cinco de Mayo 2017, the Western Avenue Community Center is expanding its tamale festival to honor the service of its Hispanic outreach director. Judy Valente has that story. Celebrate the 80th anniversary of one of Unit 5's former neighborhood schools. Eugene Field School was converted to offices in 2004. The staff and families remember the school in a report from GLT correspondent Colleen Reynolds. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/3/17

May 3, 2017

Illinois State University is receiving a big grant to create a program to mentor foster children and prepare them for college. It's a huge need. Charlie Schlenker talks with a former foster kid and now researcher Loretta Schaeffer about the barriers to success. As Green Top Grocery nears an opening in Bloomington, GLT Correspondent Ryan Denham take you inside. Hear about Children's Opera from Prairie Fire Theater and get a preview of New Route Theater’s 2nd Annual Voices of Pride staged readings.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/2/17

May 2, 2017

A huge drop in contributions to the United Way of McLean County is forcing a reassessment of how best to serve the community. United Way CEO David Taylor talks with GLT's Charlie Schlenker about how to move forward. There's an edition of "Unknown Illinois." Listen as Judy Valente takes you to the banks of the Mackinaw River to visit a family of bald eagles. Mayor Kris Koos is in the studio to talk about the uptown underpass and a demolition delay at the former Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home. 


GLT Sound Ideas 05/01/17

May 1, 2017

Hear about the protest over clothing guidelines at a Unit 5 Junior high and get the school districts reaction. Parents and residents are critical of the principle’s voice mail message they say is aimed at girls only. GLT’s Judy Valente talks with a spokesperson for the parents and a Unit 5 official.  During an edition of GLT’s Datebook find out how students involved in their community are being recognized…you’ll hear about the YICU Youth Service Awards. And you'll get a better understanding the important work of a cancer center chaplain.      

GLT Sound Ideas 04/28/17

Apr 28, 2017

An indie film maker and ISU graduate is about to scare the pants off movie goers. Zakk Fairly said he tries to let the audience create the fear for itself, not dispel the uncertainty by showing too much. Fairly talked with Laura Kennedy about his new premier Saturday at the Normal Theater and his first short film, "Beyond Normal." Plus, the end of a storied broadcasting career. GLT says goodbye to Willis Kern. And we'll explore, the tough job of a hospice chaplain. Hip Pocket rides again as well.

GLT Sound Ideas 04/27/17

Apr 27, 2017

Illinois is preparing a law that could legalize recreational use of marijuana. That leaves one nationally-recognized illegal drug researcher stunned. ISU Criminal Justice Scientist Ralph Weisheit on legalizing pot in Illinois. Plus, lessons not learned from the Vietnam War, what's in your wallet?, and Cornelius Eady during National Poetry Month.

GLT Sound Ideas 04/26/17

Apr 26, 2017

Last year, Heartland Community College had to return $35,000 in state funds back to Springfield because it came retroactively for a program that had been cut. Heartland Vice President Doug Minter says it wasn't so much the loss of funds, but the uncertainty. Hear about Heartland's multiyear strategic budgeting plan, which administrators hope can keep reserve funds in check. Shallow arctic pools are a troubling indicator of the effects of global warming. That's according to a Canadian-based climate change expert speaking at ISU this week. Charlie Schlenker has the interview.

GLT Sound ideas 04/25/17

Apr 25, 2017

The Trump administration is taking aim at Planned Parenthood and central Illinois Congressmen Davis and LaHood are on board. Planned Parenthood of Illinois' Julie Lynn says defunding the organization could have a devastating impact on women's health in McLean County. Judy Valente reports on the future of Planned Parenthood in McLean County. Get an update on the Zimmerman murder case from the Pantagraph reporter covering the court proceedings. Charlie Schlenker has the interview. And Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio to talk about brick streets, bike lanes and parking lots. 

GLT Sound Ideas 04/24/17

Apr 24, 2017

U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth took some risks during a town hall style meeting at Illinois Wesleyan University. She told a largely progressive crowd they should not immediately work toward a single payer healthcare system and that a public option on insurance exchanges is, perhaps, more achievable. The Illinois Democrat also told the crowd that certain GOP proposals for healthcare reform are red herrings and traps. She said those include: making birth control over the counter instead of by prescription which would allow insurance companies to avoid paying for it, and the Republican definition of pre-existing conditions. She said putting people with medical conditions into high risk pools would price them out of insurance .

GLT's Sound Ideas 4/20/17

Apr 20, 2017

What is Community Policing depends largely on who you ask. Illinois State University criminal justice Professor Cara Rabe Hemp says it starts with a philosophy that citizens will co-produce crime control. You'll hear about the wide variations of how police departments go about community policing. Questions about police intent arose during the debate over whether the Bloomington Police department should operate a sub-station on the city’s west side.

GLT's Sound Ideas 4/19/17

Apr 19, 2017

A law professor speaks at Illinois State University tonight about his advice to anyone encountering police. James Duane's Youtube video "Don't Talk to the Police" has millions of views. He'll talk to GLT's Judy Valente ahead of his appearance. Here's something you don't hear much about at Bloomington's land-locked District 87 schools: expansion. That's what's on tap; Superintendent Barry Reilly lays it all out in an interview with Charlie Schlenker.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 4/18/17

Apr 18, 2017

Hear from an authority on redevelopment, downtown districts, and the importance of distinguishing downtowns as a unique or special place. Ed McMahon is with the Think Tank the Urban Land Institute. He’ll talk about the placemaking dividend and the trouble with shopping malls. Find out why inclusion matters from a racial equality consultant. The former Illinois Wesleyan professor speaks with GLT’s Jon Norton before she addresses the latest Multi-Cultural Leadership graduating class.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 4/17/17

Apr 17, 2017

An Illinois State University communication professor is working with the American Psychological Association to combat the negative effects of sexualized popular music. Megan Hopper and her colleagues study videos by Beyonce, Hillary Duff, and Fergie. Laura Kennedy checks into the group's findings. Hear how people convicted of crimes are the money makers for the state and local government, paying for everything from prosecutors' offices to new police cars. You'll hear the IPR interview.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 4/14/17

Apr 14, 2017

For years, you could only get locally grown, organic food from Community Supported Agriculture outlets. Now, they're even at your supermarket. Many of those veggies aren't either organic or locally grown, but they are hurting the economy of small CSAs. You'll hear from an operator and an educator. Education funding proposals are beginning to take shape in Springfield. You'll hear from State Senator Andy Manar, who has hailed the need for equitable changes for years, and from District 87 Superintendent Barry Reilly, who prefers a model filed this week by Bloomington senator Jason Barickman.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 4/13/17

Apr 13, 2017

Last year it was a stop-gap budget, and this year lawmakers are considering what they call a lifeline budget to help higher education and social services for just a few months. Bloomington State Representative Dan Brady was among the Republicans who voted no on the lifeline budget. He explains his position to GLT's Willis Kern. Laura Kennedy walks you through the new exhibit at the McLean County Museum of History of McLean County's deep agriculture roots. During an edition of "Grow," find out if you should be dumping your yard waste at the curb or reusing it. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 4/12/17

Apr 12, 2017

Illinois State University President Larry Dietz talks about his upcoming visits to Springfield to testify before House and Senate Higher Education Appropriations Committees. State funding woes are impacting K-12 as well. Unit Five's Mark Daniel says the district is seriously considering school closures. He speaks with Charlie Schlenker. A member of the Twin Cities-based free jazz quartet Disorganizer talks about jazz, race, and the reasons the group decided to play a Black Lives Matter fundraiser this weekend in downtown Bloomington.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 4/11/17

Apr 11, 2017

People with disabilities can get federal help, but only if they have less than $2,000 in assets. State Treasurer Mike Frerichs says some parents worry about that. Hear about a new program to allow those with disabilities to save money in a way that won’t jeopardize federal support. Charlie Schlenker has the interview.  During an edition of "Animal  House," find out how the Normal Public Library’s Pages and Paws program benefits young readers. Laura Kennedy has the story.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 4/7/17

Apr 7, 2017

Sales tax revenue became a big issue in the recent municipal elections in Bloomington Normal, and it will keep on being one as cities across the nation adjust to a new reality. Normal City Manager Mark Peterson says there's not a lot of innovation yet in how cities deal with sales tax declines. Plus, hear from the head of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, and Illinois State University Professor Gary Hunter on the techie effect on retail trade.

GLT's Sound Ideas 4/6/17

Apr 6, 2017

Hear from an expert on cyber crime and sexual victims about the growing number of sexual assaults posted online. Illinois State University's Shelly Clevenger talks with Judy Valente about sexual assaults and social media. Get an update on the Central Illinois Regional Airport from its director. Charlie Schlenker talks with Carl Olson about passenger numbers and talk of an expanding taxing district. Also, we have a conversation about the fate of circuses with the director behind the very successful acrobats circus at Illinois State University.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 4/5/17

Apr 5, 2017

The votes are counted; well all but a couple dozen or so. Incumbent Normal Mayor Chris Koos hopes to hang on to a 7 vote lead to over challenger Marc Tiritilli. But when the mail in ballots are added in within a few weeks, it may still not be over. We'll examine the municipal election results. Plus a look ahead for both Normal and Bloomington. We'll preview tomorrow's 'BN By The Numbers' event and take a close look at the community's housing and employment trends.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 4/4/17

Apr 4, 2017

On this election day, take a break from politics with theater, film, and music – including a conversation about the life, music, and cultural influence of the late Chuck Berry. Sound Ideas culture commentator and Illinois State University English professor Bill McBride joins to remember the man often credited with creating rock ‘n’ roll. Robots are taking over the Normal Theater. Laura Kennedy will explain. Also, listen for a preview of a new film festival. Jon Norton talks with guitarist of the not-forgotten band Mojo Stew about a Saturday reunion-benefit concert. 

GLT's Sound Ideas 4/3/17

Apr 3, 2017

As the process to fill a US Supreme Court vacancy picks up, one Illinois State University scholar says replacing the late conservative Scalia isn't nearly as important to Democrats as the potential replacement of three LIBERAL-leaning justices. ISU Politics and Government professor Meghan Leonard dives deep into the Senate process that might wrap up this week. Willis Kern has the interview. Are humans hardwired for war or peace? GLT’s Judy Valente talks with the executive director of the Center on Conscience and War in Washington, D.C. about conscientious objectors in the military.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/30/17

Mar 30, 2017

Hear how Illinois State Univeristy was able to hold the line on tuition. ISU's President Larry Dietz is thanking record-breaking enrollment numbers. In an era of rising tuition, Illinois State is bucking the trend with no tuition or fee increases for this fall. Hear a profile of the candidates and issues in the race for Normal township supervisor. A Normal town council member and Republican Cheryl Gaines is running against Democrat Sarah Grammer. Also, you'll hear a transgender woman, and and fan of the band Against Me!, interview Laura Jane Grace who is the band's transgender founder.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/28/17

Mar 28, 2017

Hear from a Bloomington endurance athlete about what it takes to finish a race across Russia. The longest stage has her on the bike as long as 72 hours. Learn more about the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme. Gervais is already biking 8 to 11 hours per day and the race isn’t until July. Hear from a wheel chair athlete and diversity advocate about how pop culture educates about diversity. Also, discover how a central Illinois library is using the Star Wars film franchise to celebrate National Library Week.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/24/17

Mar 24, 2017

Some are calling it the awakening of the 'Sleeping Giantess.' Women who have never been politically active before are waging a wide range of grass roots efforts. Hear how central Illinois women are standing up and speaking out. Plus, who gets the blame for the failure of the grand bargain on the state budget? Ryan Mackey points the finger. Listen to how the budget fiasco is hurting party leaders and why the monarch butterfly population is crashing. It's not as simple as you may have heard. Also, Puddles Pity Party makes a Bloomington Normal premier.