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There is a long list of political misdeeds. But, what's happening today might not come off well compared to historically scummy times.  ISU Political Scientist Nancy Lind is the co-author of the new book Corruption: Accountability and Discretion. looking at how corruption impacts the public and policy makers. Laura Kennedy talks with her and co-author Cara Rabe-Hemp. Hear from those in favor and those against a welcoming cities ordinance, speaking at the Bloomington City Council meeting.

The issue of same sex marriage has torn apartment one of Bloomington's most prominent Protestant congregations. GLT's Judy Valente reports on why more than a hundred members have left St. John's Lutheran Church, and the lessons it holds for other Protestant denominations. Hear from two members of the newly seated Bloomington Public Safety and Community Relations Board. It’s an effort to keep Bloomington from becoming the next Ferguson, Missouri. Ryan Denham has the interview.

Hear listeners to the podcast Suspect Convictions pose questions to man convicted of murdering his daughter, including the question of how Barton McNeil's attorneys performed their duties. It's an episode called "Ask Bart" in our continuing presentation of the podcast Suspect Convictions. Hear from Bloomington-Normal native and U-High grad who worked as a visual effects coordinator on the new Star Wars film.  And get a preview of this weekend’s Illinois Symphony Orchestra performance. Charlie Schlenker talks with ISO music director Ken Lam.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/14/17

Dec 14, 2017

Unit Five administrators are facing increasing mental health issues among elementary children with alarm. Superintendent Mark Daniel tells GLT's Charlie Schlenker even two or three troubled children per building can change a school environment. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin talks with Ryan Denham about the Alabama election, the GOP tax bill, and more. And Laura Kennedy delves into keeping political conversation civil during the holidays.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/12/17

Dec 12, 2017

Green Top Grocery opened to high expectations after five years of effort to get it up and running. Green Top's Melanie Shellito and General Manager Michael Pennington talk with GLT's Ryan Denham about what remains to be accomplished. Hear how Illinois State University might be able to fill a gap in cybersecurity jobs. And Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio. He talks about a tax increase for the library, a tax increase off the table, and how all of it affects the next in the red budget. 

GLT Sound Ideas 12/11/17

Dec 11, 2017

All eyes are on the FCC ahead of Thursday's vote to repeal net neutrality and reshape the Internet. What will that mean for Internet users in Bloomington-Normal? GLT's Ryan Denham talks with ISU economics professor David Loomis and another local expert about what happens to your beloved Netflix after the big vote.  Find out why Governor Bruce Rauner is playing the victim to Democrat Mike Madigan. And Charlie Schlenker has a preview of the Economic Development Council’s BN by the numbers presentation this week.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/08/17

Dec 8, 2017

The podcast Suspect Convictions looks this week at potential similarities between the death of Christina McNeil, and another killing in 2011 when Linda Tiede (tie-duh)'s daughter in law Misook Wang killed Tiede. Hear from then prosecutor Bill Workman and others about Misook Wang, during Suspect Convictions. Plus...a modern day crooner and his career...and Christmas at the mansions.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/07/17

Dec 7, 2017

Hear about new recycling options proposed in the next McLean County 20 year solid waste plan developed by the Ecology Action Center.  Michael Brown is the Executive Director of the EAC. Municipal ordinances could require some types of recycling by 2022 if voluntary programs aren’t effective.  Get up to speed on the Toys for Tots Silver Ball Fundraise and the after party with the band Wildermore.  And it’s a conversation with Bloomington-Normal radio legend Don Munson. He’s announced his retirement and the end of his Thursday evening show Radio Munson.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/06/17

Dec 6, 2017

McLean County Democratic Party Treasurer John Whalen says his party has a lot of energy. There will be nine contested county board seats next November. GLT's Ryan Denham has more. Holiday gift pets are often a bad idea, but not always. Laura Kennedy has more on Animal House.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/05/17

Dec 5, 2017

The state agricultural economy is entering its fourth straight down year and farmers are cutting spending. Illinois Farm Bureau Economist Mike Doherty says there's huge support for NAFTA among Illinois farmers despite Trump administration opposition.  McLean County GOP Chair Chuck Erickson talks with Ryan Denham talk about candidate filings, not only in his own party, but from white male Libertarians and female Democrats. State Senator Jason Barickman chats about the proposal to legalize marijuana in Illinois. And Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos talks property taxes.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/04/17

Dec 4, 2017

Hear from an Illinois State University expert on state and local government, who says the proposal to strip Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner's agenda setting power might or might not be legal, but it's certainly a bad idea. ISU Political Scientist Lori Riverstone-Newell talks with GLT's Charlie Schlenker about city government structure and politics. Education institutions are not alone in expressing a strong dislike of the House version of the GOP tax bill. Find out how health care organizations and not-for-profits are also concerned. Ryan Denham reports.

GLT Sound 12/01/17

Dec 1, 2017

It’s the newest episode of suspect Convictions. Hear from a prominent crime podcaster who says she sees the same types of patterns over and over in cases from the 1990s. Rabia Chaudry  talks about the Bloomington murder case of Christina McNeil on Suspect Convictions. And GLT’s Coleen Reynolds checks in on one mid-term project of the Multi-Cultural Leadership Program.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/30/17

Nov 30, 2017

Hear about business and property tax breaks. Portillo’s and Brandt may leap to mind. But it's not just new or expanding businesses looking to take a bite out of their tax bill. Curt Richardson from Unit 5 schools talks with GLT's Ryan Denham about settling a years-long dispute with student apartment owners -- with thousands of dollars in precious tax money at stake. Laura Kennedy talks with GLT’s Culture Maven and the Interim Dean of Milner Library about sexual harassment and the entertainment industry.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/29/17

Nov 29, 2017

The Director of the ACLU of Illinois. Colleen Connell visits ahead of a community appearance talking about challenges to civil liberties in coming years. Plus hometown musician Mathew Curry is back in town for a Community Cancer Center benefit concert. Jon Norton talks with Curry about life on the road.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/28/17

Nov 28, 2017

Chestnut Health Systems has come a long way since incoming CEO David Sharar started there 29 years ago. Charlie Schlenker introduces you to Sharar, who shares more about Chestnut. You'll hear from former Bloomington Mayor Rich Buchanan as he steps away from public life due to health issues. And current Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio to talk about brick streets, a Welcoming City ordinance protecting undocumented immigrants, and more.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/27/17

Nov 27, 2017

A Normal woman has given her kidney to a total stranger. Find out why Terri Thede donated and hear from Bill Parra, the recipient in a chain of donations. GLT correspondent Colleen Reynolds talks with Thede and Para about organ donation. Laura Kennedy talks with the ISU author of “Sympathy for the Devil.” The book explores how a changing attitude toward criminals led to prison reform. And discover what it’s like start the first public library in a small oil rich gulf state.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/22/17

Nov 22, 2017

Money and politics have gone together for millennia. But, campaigns have a growing loophole, a lack of reporting requirements for Facebook ads, which doesn't help the public. More from Sarah Brune of the Illinois Campaign  for Political Reform. Plus spring and summer are easy times to make gardens look good. Come fall, it's just you baby. And instead of a turkey surprise, it's a turkey reprise.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/21/17

Nov 22, 2017

It’s a conversation with a former Illinois State University president who used to enjoy the freedom of running his own college campus. The tables have turned. Al Bowman talks about his new job at the Illinois Board of Higher Education -- and the big challenges on his to-do list. Hear from musician Dan Hubbard. He plays the Castle Theater tomorrow night. And Mayor Chris Koos is in the studio to talk about the town’s next comprehensive plan, guiding the town through 2040. The council adopted the plan at their regular council meeting.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/20/17

Nov 20, 2017

Hear from the man who has his eye on becoming Bloomington’s next City Manager. Steve Rasmussen is the Interim City Manager dealing with a council and mayor not getting along. Rasmussen talks with Mike McCurdy about council interaction, politics and the projected $3 million dollar budget deficit. Congressman Darin LaHood is optimistic the GOP tax plan will move to the President’s desk. Charlie Schlenker caught up with LaHood at a McLean County Republican Party breakfast.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/17/17

Nov 17, 2017

True crime podcaster Aphrodite Jones sounds off on the McNeil murder case.  She thinks the real culprit in the 1998 Bloomington murder of three year old Christina, might be the ex-girlfriend of the man convicted for the crime. Hear Aphrodite Jones and Bob Ruff of the Truth and Justice podcast on Suspect Convictions during a special edition of Sound Ideas.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/16/17

Nov 16, 2017

A little bit of exercise and nutrition goes a long way. The McLean County Health Department is targeting a new population – those with developmental disabilities – with those wellness tactics. The Health Department’s Laura Beavers lays out the details of a three year pilot program for wellness.  We all have an unforgettable teacher. Ryan Denham profiles a legendary science teacher at Glenn Elementary School in Normal who recently passed away. And Bloomington musician John Till grew up a child of the Chicago Suburbs, but his new album is all about tractors, trucks, and farms.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/15/17

Nov 15, 2017

Unit Five School Superintendent Mark Daniel talks about being in the room for negotiations to bring Brandt Industries and 300 jobs to a plant between Hudson and Normal. Listen to Charlie Schlenker ask why Daniel urged his board to vote against the immediate pocketbook.  Plus, Ryan Denham talks with State Representative Dan Brady about the fall veto session.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/14/17

Nov 14, 2017

Hear about a resurgent Bloomington Normal Music Scene. It’s a comeback after a vibrant scene collapsed about 2001. Jon Norton reports on live music in the Twin Cities. The Unit Five School Board approved property-tax breaks for a Canadian farm implement manufacturer that wants to bring hundreds of new jobs to McLean County. Ryan Denham has the story. And Mayor Tari Renner talks about a tax increase for the library and reluctance for the arena manager to also manage the BCPA.


GLT Sound Ideas 11/13/17

Nov 13, 2017

The Republican tax plan includes a new tax on college endowments. IWU President Eric Jensen calls that unfair saying higher-ed does not just sit on its money.Jensen tells GLT's Charlie Schlenker such a tax would drive up the cost of college for students and their families. You’ll hear from NPR National Political Correspondent Don Gonyea about covering flyover country during the Trump administration. And it’s a one on one with 13th district Democratic Congressional candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan. IPR’s Brian Moline has the interview with the former Durbin fundraiser.

The podcast Suspect Convictions looks at the physical evidence in the mysterious death of Christina McNeil. GLT correspondent Colleen Reynolds visits with retiring State Farm Military Affinity Group leader Sharon McCauley. And GLT's Jon Norton chats with the founder of the Canadian band Simply Saucer ahead of their Bloomington show on Nov. 11.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/09/17

Nov 9, 2017

A lot of world war one music hung around for generations in piano benches in central Illinois. And Bloomington-Normal's Dale Evans collects it. GLT's Laura Kennedy talks with Evans and brings you “Goodbye Broadway - Hello France” and other songs of the Great War. It’s been a year since President Trump won election. ISU scholars Eric Rankin and Tom McClure assess that time and compare and contrast Trump with past presidents And find out how local authors make a living. Ryan Denham has that story.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/08/17

Nov 8, 2017

David Hales is done as Bloomington City Manager. Find out his thoughts going out the door. GLT Student Reporter Baylee Steelman interviews David Hales at a reception in his honor. Plus Turkeys stalk Bloomington Normal...truth not a low budget horror movie. A story of immigrant detention...and the ACLU is chronicling quieter ways they say the Trump administration is eroding civil liberties.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/07/17

Nov 7, 2017

It's unusual for reporters to get involved in the stories they cover. But, former statehouse reporter Kerry Lester signed a letter calling out sexual harassment in Springfield. Over the weekend the Legislative Ethics Commission appointed a new legislative inspector general, a position that has been vacant. Hear the interview. A wave of pet illnesses is working through the Twin Cities. During an edition of Animal House, find out how you can prevent parvovirus.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/06/17

Nov 6, 2017

Hear from an expert exploring the relationship between people with autism and the IT field. It's an unfair stereotype, yet there is an correlation. ISU professor Ronnie Jia explores the links with GLT's Ryan Denham. Discover why a Bloomington woman entered the world of power lifting  and hear about her weekend competition in Las Vegas. Correspondent Bryan Bloodworth talks with Lynnette Ritchie. And Alderman Scott Black is live in the GLT Studios. You'll hear about a weekend retreat about budget priorities. 

GLT Sound Ideas 11/03/17

Nov 3, 2017

Convicted murderer Barton McNeil claims his girlfriend at the time killed McNeil's three year old daughter after climbing in his bedroom window where the girl was sleeping. Prosecutor Mary Cole isn't buying it. Much about windows, spider webs, and the Innocence Project during Episode two of the podcast 'Suspect Convictions'. Plus, Jon Norton brings you the rap music of history and sociology teacher Stefan Robinson, and Bloomington Alderman Diana Hauman wants more than just council input on how to solve the sizeable city budget deficit.