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GLT Sound Ideas 01/18/17

Jan 18, 2017

Whether it’s called a police substation, or a community house, cops in Bloomington plan to make good use of the west side house the city could approve next week. Chief Brendon Heffner weighs in on the facility, which has received pushback from Black Lives Matter and some neighbors. The new Congress promises to shake up Washington. What’s realistic and what isn’t? You’ll hear from a ISU political scientist Kerri Milita. And a movement is underway to protect the Affordable Care Act. A central Illinois activist states the case for Obamacare.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/16/17

Jan 17, 2017

The issue of  homeless people in downtown Bloomington is public and contentious. Last summer, there was talk of better coordination of services and that continues behind the scenes.  Downtown Bloomington Association director Tricia Stiller talks with Charlie Schlenker about homeless people in downtown. During an edition of the IPR Politics Round Table, find out what may happen with the framework of a budget deal that died with the veto session. Robin Zander with Cheap Trick is turning 64 in a week. You’ll hear from a young fan and her father about what the band means to them.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/17/16

Jan 17, 2017

It’s the first of three interviews on a proposed West Bloomington police substation. Hear from a Black Lives Matter rep who says neighbors are skeptical. Jon Norton talks with Ky Ajayi.  Aldermen could decide on the substation next week. And during Animal House, hear how you can keep your pet's engaged, even when you're away. And Willis Kern talks with the author of a newly published book on the history of Illinois State University football. 

GLT Sound Ideas 01/13/17

Jan 13, 2017

After computer hacking became such a prominent issue in the Presidential campaign, you have to ask if the average home user has a prayer of keeping his or her data private? Information Security worker Seth Pheasant with Illinois State University and the Director of Technology Security for the University, Kevin Krause, join us. District 87 Superintendent Barry Reilly forecasts the effect of a Trump Administration on central Illinois schools. And hear what it's like being a hockey migrant and a host to a hockey player in Bloomington.

Those attending the Community Players' production of A Streetcar Named Desire are likely to detect a message from 1947 New Orleans that resonates today. Laura Kennedy talks with the star and director of A Streetcar Named Desire. Hear about streetcars from another era during an edition of McHistory. Bloomington-Normal’s first mass transit system was a horse drawn railway. There’s an update on higher education funding and you’ll hear from a Steven Sondheim scholar about how the playwright and composer’s life influenced his work.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/11/17

Jan 11, 2017

Bloomington's downtown arena has been known as the U. S. Cellular Coliseum since it opened more than a decade about. But that's about to change. The national company's naming rights have expired and the new facility manager is ready to change the sign on the building. Hear from new Coliseum manager Lynn Cannon. She talks with Mike McCurdy. A lot has changed in education over the last 41 years. That's how long Gail Ann Briggs has served on the Unit 5 school board. She reviews her term with Charlie Schlenker. And, Jon Norton introduces you to Bloomington-Normal hip hop artist Brandon Daz.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/10/17

Jan 10, 2017

ISU President Larry Dietz says he is hopeful that a faint flicker of hope for a budget deal will grow into a roaring flame. Dietz talks about financial pressures on higher education, the departure of three ISU Trustees and all they have given the institution, and the effects of a Trump Administration on higher ed. Plus, Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner goes over his State of the City address, and GLT talks Sound Money.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/09/17

Jan 9, 2017

Travel back in time 30 years when a quarter bought some fantasy time in front of a pinball machine or gaming console. You'll hear from  John Yates when GLT correspondent Ryan Denham takes you on a trip to McLean, IL and on a trip back in time for a visit to the Arcadia Playable Arcade Museum.  As the state legislature enters its lame duck session and a new year without a budget, get analysis from IPR’s Politics Roundtable. And it’s an edition of What’s On Your Turntable. Get to know the synth sounds of Alex Cameron, on the turntable at Waiting Room Records. 

GLT Sound Ideas 01/06/17

Jan 6, 2017

We listen back to the words and music of some of the central Illinois bands that emerged during 2016. Hear Jon Norton's interviews with members of War Painted Horses, Alex and the XOs, Flaccid, Hot Sauce Universe, and Sherwood Forest.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/05/17

Jan 5, 2017

An economic incentive deal for a much anticipated restaurant is being criticized by a candidate for Mayor of Normal. Marc Tiritilli says sales tax rebates are a bad idea for restaurants. Tiritilli also talks with GLT's Charlie Schlenker about a potential two tiered pension system for police and firefighters, along with other issues. Laura Kennedy sits down at the Children’s Discover Museum with the organizations new director. Find out where Shelleigh Birlingmair is planning to take the museum. And you’ll hear from the next artist playing the Duncan Manor Songwriter Series.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/04/17

Jan 4, 2017

Health officials are learning more about e-cigarettes and the results aren't encouraging. You'll hear from Dr. John Burr, with the Bloomington-based Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation. He says the vaping process contains cancer-causing agents. A new book from U of I press gives voice to women involved in Mormonism. Holly Welker talked to several women in the faith about their perceptions on marriage, sex and abuse. And you'll hear about a revealing new study by an ISU scholar that hints workplace stereotyping of females is declining.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/03/17

Jan 3, 2017

Hear from two of the organizers of a bus contingent from Bloomington headed to march in Washington DC following Trump’s Inauguration. Colleen Reynolds talks with Vikkie Cossio and Stacy Hardin both helping to organize a trip to the Women’s March on Washington. Hear from Illinois’ Treasurer. The Democrat is not sparing his own party when it comes to criticism over the budget stalemate. And during an edition of Animal House, find out why it may be time to forget teaching your dog to fetch. 

GLT Sound Ideas 01/02/17

Jan 2, 2017

There are five candidates for Mayor of Bloomington. WGLT has interviewed them all. In this holiday edition of Sound Ideas, we review the positions of each of the candidates and their vision of what is proper and improper for city government to try to do.

A lot of creative minds in central Illinois gave us books to read this year. As part of GLT holiday programming, we listen back to some of the best author interviews of the year including IWU's Jim Plath writing about John Updike, the photography of Larry Kanfer, a biography of George Gershwin, the President's book of secrets, and a changing fourth amendment.

Hear from a communist and labor organizer who lived in Bloomington in the 1930s. Fighting for the poor takes another path in a look at a woman who founded and fostered a Bloomington Settlement House. GLT brings you episodes of our occasional series McHistory including a scalawag and rogue who painted his way across the country.

Enjoy a special two-hour edition of Sound Ideas and our presentation of It's a Wonderful Life, A Radio Play, produced by Illinois State University's School of Theater and Dance. 

GLT Sound Ideas 12/22/16, Part 1

Dec 22, 2016

Enjoy a special two-hour edition of Sound Ideas and our presentation of It's a Wonderful Life, A Radio Play, produced by Illinois State University's School of Theater and Dance. 

GLT Sound Ideas 12/21/16

Dec 21, 2016

Just in time for the holiday season, it's the first Star Wars "stand alone" film. GLT's culture maven Shari Zeck talks about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. ISU creative writing professor Gabriel Gudding's latest book is called Literature for Non Humans. His work is spotlighted in the latest edition of Redbird Scholar magazine. You'll hear from the author. And you'll meet the barnyard artist and huckster who made Bloomington home in the late 19th century. McHistory zooms in on Albert Montgomery.


GLT Sound Ideas 12/20/16

Dec 20, 2016

One of the challenges facing not for profit groups is keeping leadership fresh. Replenishing the energy is part of what the Multicultural Leadership Program is doing for one West Bloomington group. Charlie Schlenker has the interview. Town Mayor Chris Koos talks about public reaction to the Rivian Automotive deal and last night’s council meeting. City of Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio to talk about two economic incentive packages and reducing the speed on a section of Hershey in East Bloomington. And hear about holiday hazards that could hurt your pets. 

GLT Sound ideas 12/19/16

Dec 19, 2016

It may be a while before it's known if union workers will return to the former Mitsubishi plant to work for Rivian Automotive. But the former head of the union for Mitsubishi workers says he's encouraged by the company's promises.  Ralph Timan  talks with Colleen Reynolds about his former co-workers, Rivian, unionization, and labor under Trump. Get a chance to say to say good bye to long time IPR statehouse bureau chief, Amanda Vinicky. She’s moving on to public media in Chicago.

GLT Sound ideas 12/15/16

Dec 15, 2016

One proposal for higher ed funding is for a multiyear guarantee at certain levels in return for benchmarks at institutions. ISU President Larry Dietz says those benchmarks are already being met. ISU president Dietz talks with Willis Kern about funding, his recent meeting with Governor Rauner, and the concept of Sanctuary campuses. Charlie Schlenker continues a series of conversations with  Illinois Symphony Orchestra Music Director Finalists; get to know Hong Kong native Ken Lam was born in Hong Kong.  And hear a musical preview of a Toys for Tots fundraiser at the Castle Theater.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/14/16

Dec 15, 2016

While state legislative leaders and the governor continue to be at odds again over a budget agreement, the result of past disagreements continues to take a toll. You'll hear from the head of the Illinois Manufacturer's Association Greg Baise. He's the featured speaker at this quarter's "BN By the Numbers" event at ISU Thursday. You'll also get the latest numbers from Mike Doherty. The Illinois Farm Bureau's senior economist updates housing and employment figures ahead of tomorrow's event. And it's a preview of Friday night's Toys for Tots Silver Ball fundraiser at the Castle Theatre.

GLT Sound ideas 12/13/16

Dec 13, 2016

As taxing bodies consider an economic incentive package for an auto-start up planning to occupy the former Mitsubishi plant, you’ll hear from the CEO and founder of Rivian automotive: R.J. Scaringe. He talks with Mike McCurdy  about his history in the auto industry, how Rivian may be positioned in the car market, and what it expects to accomplish in Normal. You’ll hear first hand how rock and roll is not a young persons game; Laura Kennedy introduces you to the the grannies band. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio.

Kicking someone off the ballot is not the only goal of a nominating petition challenge. The motive for challenging can be part of a longer game and involve attrition. Illinois State University political scientist Lane Crothers talks with Charlie Schlenker about challenges. Hear from political scientist Lane Crothers about challenges and off OFF year primary elections. Get a preview of the 2017 Illinois Shakespeare Festival Season. Hear how fake news may be deepening the political divide in Illinois.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/9/16

Dec 9, 2016

After months of silence and behind the scenes effort the former Mitsubishi plant issue took a big and public leap forward with the announcement of a potential purchase by Rivian Automotive, a tech startup focusing on sustainable mobility in transportation. The Town of Normal has a proposed development agreement including a million dollar grant and a five year tax abatement.  Joining us to talk about this prospect is Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos and Kyle Ham, the CEO of the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council. Plus, Karl Denson's Tony Universe "New Ammo" album, and the joys of freshening zoning rules.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/08/16

Dec 8, 2016

Automated External Defibrillators save lives. Now there's an effort to put more AEDs in rural areas of McLean County. Kathi Franklin with the Illinois Heart and Lung Association -- based in Normal -- says the faster the heart can circulate blood, the better the chance for survival, and reduced damage. She talks with GLT Correspondent Colleen Reynolds. On the eve of his second annual “Fender Bender” at the Castle Theater Jon Norton catches up with blues-rock-guitarist Matthew Curry. And you’ll hear from one of the five candidates for Bloomington Mayor.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/7/16

Dec 7, 2016

In civil court cases, victims of abuse are often left legally vulnerable. In Illinois, that's where Prairie State Legal services can step in to help. You'll hear from Bloomington attorney Adrian Barr, who's been awarded a prestigious fellowship. The new exhibit at McLean County Arts Center focuses on abstracted landscapes. Laura Kennedy takes you on a tour with the exhibit’s artist and curator. And blues icon Tab Benoit is making his regular December trek to Bloomington’s Castle Theatre. He talks with GLT’s Jon Norton.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/6/16

Dec 6, 2016

A tax break for a new restaurant isn't the only thing occupying Normal council members. They're also prioritizing a list of Community Improvement Plan projects. Mayor of Normal Chris Koos has the latest ranking of town spending priorities and the details on the Portillo’s tax rebate.  It’s one of our regular interviews with the community’s mayors.  Find out if a particular reptile is the right pet for you. Laura Kennedy has the latest edition of Animal house. And ISU is reimagining the beloved holiday story of the trials and tribulations of everyman George Bailey.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/5/16

Dec 5, 2016

Our series of interviews with Bloomington Mayoral candidates continues. Ian Bayne shares his views on government and the way the city is operating. Bayne tells Charlie Schlenker he’s for spending and service cuts, but provides few specifics.  Discover the difference in how rural and urban LGBTQ people consider themselves "supported" in their communities. Jon Norton talks with an LGBTQ researcher who is screening her documentary at ISU.  And Laura Kennedy tells you how the family who occupied Ewing Manor celebrated Christmas.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/2/16

Dec 2, 2016

In central Illinois in the mid 1700s, society was surprisingly diverse, British, French, Spanish, and Native Americans living in many cases side by side with far less intergroup violence than in other places at the time. Find out the difference in an interview with historian John Reda about his new book  on the change from 'Furs to Farms'. Plus, McHistory, a mid-term report on the Multicultural Leadership Program, and a look at the spread of the Brown Marmorated Stinkbug.