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The Bloomington City Council has not shown a lot of appetite for a video gambling terminal license fee. Mayor Tari Renner thinks that's a mistake because terminal owners in Bloomington have a million dollars in pure profit each year. Renner thinks such a tax is progressive and useful to balance the budget. Plus, Mayor Chris Koos of Normal talks about a multi sport complex study. And Judy Valente reports on lead levels in homes in the twin cities. 25 children had elevated blood levels of the poisonous metal last year.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/19/18

Feb 19, 2018

An Illinois State University scholar says fighting over the future of the country won't go away soon -- it's built in to American cultural individualism. Judy Valente talks about threats to Democracy with ISU Professor Lane Crothers. Rivian Automotive is in the process to get re-certified for ongoing tax breaks. You'll get an update on the progress on the auto manufacturer occupying the former Mitsubishi plant from the head of the Economic Development Council. And you'll hear about new sculpture exhibit at Illinois State University that captures humanity, hands down.  

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/16/18

Feb 16, 2018

GLT’s Judy Valente speaks with a local domestic violence expert about how abused women can prepare to exit a relationship. Mike McCurdy talks to two women who are looking to create Bloomington’s first inclusive playground for children with disabilities. And Jon Norton talks to Illinois State University’s women’s basketball coach about this weekend’s Play4Kay game at Redbird Arena.


GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/15/18

Feb 15, 2018

Governor Bruce Rauner's proposed budget transfers pension costs to school districts and universities over the next four years. GLT’s Ryan Denham examines how that plays with central Illinois lawmaker Keith Sommer and his opponent for the fall election, Jill Blair. An Illinois State University professor says there's more at play in school shootings than inadequate gun control. You'll hear from Julie Webber, who's written two books on school violence. And Laura Kennedy previews a play on stage at ISU.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/14/18

Feb 14, 2018

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner makes his annual budget address to lawmakers and the public. Governor Rauner says a $1 billion tax cut should be the top priority for this year's legislative session. The Republican said Wednesday it could be achieved by changing the way pensions are doled out to state employees. But the pension changes are contentious and experts question whether a court would find it constitutional.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/13/18

Feb 13, 2018

Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner discusses how and when a Welcoming City ordinance will be decided. Renner talks with GLT's Ryan Denham about the e-mail sent by five Aldermen asking that a draft ordinance be pulled from consideration and about the politics surrounding that issue. He'll also discuss a move away from privatizing solid waste services. Find out how the community of Dayton Ohio is handling a Welcoming City ordinance. It's called Welcoming America and it's broader than the one called for by a coalition in Bloomington. And Mardis Gras is here.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/12/18

Feb 12, 2018

Find out how the job of McLean County Republican Party Chair is almost like being a parent. State Senator Jason Barickman and other McLean County Republicans talk with GLT’s Ryan Denham about how the party is changing. The Bloomington City Council will not be considering a welcoming cities ordinance tonight. It was pulled from the agenda at the request of five aldermen, but aldermen will get an earful from a coalition of groups pushing for the law affording some protections to the immigrant community.

GLT's Sound Ideas 2/9/18

Feb 11, 2018

With 25 jobs cut from staff in the Town of Normal, incoming City Manager Pam Reece says she's aware of potential burnout for those remaining workers. GLT's Ryan Denham also talks with Reece about Uptown Normal and job creation. Most of us listen to music, thanks to Internet streaming providers. But Bloomington-Normal's 3 record stores are still doing fine. Hear from the three entrepreneurs who sell analog music in the digital age. And during an edition of Grow find how the central Illinois wind can be a friend and not just a foe.   

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/8/18

Feb 8, 2018

Hear about the numerous attempts over the decades to make a west Bloomington grocery store a reality. GLT continues its reporting on food deserts. You’ll also hear a conversation with Bloomington Economic Development Coordinator Austin Grammer about efforts to establish a supermarket on Bloomington’s West Side. And it’s a conversation with members of the Brazilionaires. The Latin band joins with an orchestra for a special Valentine’s day concert.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/7/18

Feb 7, 2018

Listen to a special live broadcast from the Normal Theater with the 5 Democrats running in the 13th district congressional district. Candidates answer questions about health care, gun control, bipartisanship and more during the forum, hosted by GLT’s Charlie Schlenker. Candidates include Betsy Dirksen-Londrigan, Jonathan Ebel, David Gill, Erik Jones, and Angel Sides.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/6/18

Feb 6, 2018

Hear how the decreasing costs of solar panels...down as much as 70 percent… is driving increased installation and increased use of solar energy. Scott Novak of Cypress Creek Renewables talks with GLT’s Ryan Denham for his report on planned solar farms in McLean County. GLT’s Judy Valente continues her reporting on Bloomington’s so-called food desert with a conversation with the Marketing Director for Green Top Grocery, working to address the problem. And Laura Kennedy takes you to an exhibit of posters from artists challenging gender inequality.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/5/18

Feb 5, 2018

GLT’s Judy Valente digs into why west Bloomington is a food desert and talks to local grassroots organizations about what they’re doing to fill the gap. IPR’s Politics Roundtable recaps the week in Springfield. GLT’s Laura Kennedy previews a new exhibition of ISU faculty artwork. And the man behind the Bloomington-Normal Restaurant Scene Facebook page gives an update on openings, closings, and remodels.


GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/2/18

Feb 2, 2018

Many state lawmakers fear coming up with a budget will be so very difficult in an election year. One candidate for Governor is not worried. Hear State Senator Daniel Biss talk about the state of the state and a way forward. Plus, cold weather is great for gardeners in its time and place. Governor Rauner quoted Lincoln in his State of the State Speech, but it wasn’t Lincoln. And Jon Norton has the music of the Brazillionaires as they prepare for a gig with the Peoria Symphony.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/1/18

Feb 1, 2018

Hear from the children of parents in the U.S. on work visas.  Saivikas Nethi came to Bloomington Normal as child. His parents are still waiting for green cards. That doesn't help Nethi, who loses in-state tuition status when he switches. He could eventually be forced to leave the only country he has ever known. Hear from Nethi and other children of immigrants not in the DACA Program about the uncertainty they face. Get reaction from state house candidates and a current lawmaker to the Governor's state of the state address.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/31/18

Jan 31, 2018

Today on GLT’s Sound Ideas, a special live broadcast of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s State of the State address from Springfield.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/30/18

Jan 30, 2018

Republican candidate for Illinois attorney general Erika Harold talks to GLT’s Ryan Denham about fighting public corruption and legalizing marijuana. GLT’s Judy Valente talks to a McLean County judge about big changes to the local bench. And two soccer leagues buy themselves a bit more time to find a permanent home away from Central Illinois Regional Airport. All that, plus a conversation with award-winning children’s author Patricia Polacco. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/29/18

Jan 29, 2018

Hear some of the tough questions doctors are facing regarding their role in the opioid crisis. Notable local pain doctor Ramsin Benyamin tells GLT’s Ryan Denham understanding how the opioid crisis developed is the key to reversing it. Hear our conversation with former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The Obama appointee talks with GLT’s Jon Norton. And get to know an Emmy award winning performer and storyteller coming to the Bloomington Public Library. Laura Kennedy talks with Bobby Norfolk.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/26/18

Jan 26, 2018

On the season finale of Suspect Convictions, hosts Scott Reeder and Willis Kern recap what they’ve learned about the Barton McNeil and discuss his prospects for exoneration. Also, GLT’s Jon Norton chats with the Fuedin Hillbillies ahead of their show at Six Strings in downtown Bloomington.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/25/17

Jan 25, 2018

Within the next year, McLean County will decide whether to keep its nursing home. But, County Board Chair John McIntyre says there's division even on how to get data to make the decision. Hear from a lesser known Democratic Candidate for Governor. GLT’s Ryan Denham talks with farmer and candidate Bob Daiber. And find out what the Illinois Symphony Orchestra wants you do to with your cell phone, during a performance. You might be surprised. Charlie Schlenker has that interview.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/24/18

Jan 24, 2018

Meet the new head of the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts. Jim Mack shares how he approaches booking acts for the BCPA and his view of the new job in the twin cities with Mike McCurdy. Plus, pianist Tom Becker talks with Jon Norton, Judy Valente chats with Oscar nominated actor and IWU alumni Richard Jenkins, and the pain and promise of removing trees with GLT's Grow.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/23/18

Jan 23, 2018

There's a new Town of Normal City Manager, a promotion from within and the first woman to head municipal administration in Bloomington-Normal. Deputy City Manager Pam Reece steps up when Mark Peterson retires at the end of March.  Bloomington Normal has no residential hospice program. Patients have to be wealthy enough to afford 24/7 in home care or go to a hospital or nursing home to die. That could change, and Judy Valente reports.  GLT’s Jon Norton examines the legacy of IWU Women's Soccer Coach Dave Barrett.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/22/18

Jan 22, 2018

E-commerce means big changes for the people who used to work at the stores we don't visit as much.  GLT's Ryan Denham takes a closer look at a decline in Bloomington-Normal retail jobs, and why there's more to the math than subtraction. GLT correspondent Bryan Bloodworth talks to the ISU athletics director about the top facility need on their wish list. And GLT’s Laura Kennedy previews a benefit concert for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/19/18

Jan 19, 2018

The background of convicted murderer Barton McNeil is not a happy one with even his family abandoning him in the wake of the Christina McNeil murder. Listen to more from McNeil and those who knew him during the podcast Suspect Convictions. Plus, something new is brewing in Bloomington Normal, yes brewing. Ryan Denham has all the suds. And, it's the anniversary of the women's march on Washington. How the movement has continued in that time...Judy Valente has more.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/18/18

Jan 18, 2018

Hear from the woman who wants to lead McLean County's Republican Party. She says a lot of people might be surprised far to the right central Illinois Republicans lean. Connie Beard talks with GLT's Ryan Denham about expanding the GOP in Bloomington Normal. Get a preview of Friday’s Puerto Rico teach-in. The U.S. territory is still dealing with lingering hurricane destruction and a lack of electricity. And it’s music from and conversation with Chris Corkery. He’s opening for Paul Thorn at the Castle Theater tonight. Jon Norton has the interview. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/17/18

Jan 17, 2018

Don't look for too much medieval imagery in a hand drawn bible being displayed at Illinois Wesleyan University starting tomorrow. Judy Valente talks with Jim Triggs about the Saint John's Bible. Plus, Mayoral reaction to the historical preservation outcry in Normal over the potential Trail East development project, and reaction to the meeting in Bloomington about a catalyst project.

What's old is new. People concerned about development incentives could look back to the community collection to keep the Chicago and Alton Railroad yards open on Bloomington's west side. Bill Kemp of the McLean County Museum of History talks with Jon Norton about his new book. Find out who is most likely to sexually harass. Charlie Schlenker talks with an ISU scholar who has developed test indicating who may be likely to engage in such behavior. And hear about a huge donation ISU’s Circus and Allied Arts collection at Milner library. Laura Kennedy has the interview.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/15/18

Jan 15, 2018

Hotel occupancy rates are fairly low in Bloomington Normal. But, developer Jim Pearson feels one more hotel will be good in downtown Bloomington. Pearson talks with GLT's Ryan Denham about the latest idea for a catalyst project in downtown Bloomington. Plus, Martin Luther King Day observances at Illinois Wesleyan University focus on affordable housing. Judy Valente has more. An IWU poet has a new book, and we'll hear Reverend King himself on this holiday from a speech he gave in the twin cities more than half a century ago.

The podcast Suspect Convictions continues with a weird new fact about the Christina McNeil killing. Barton McNeil's ex, Misook Wang bought the bed on which 3 year old Christina was killed...after the murder. Listen to the latest edition with Kerry Martin of the podcast White Wine - True Crime, and  Shira Weiss of the Huffington Post. And you’ll hear from an activist candidate from Springfield ready to challenge 13th District Congressman Rodney Davis. GLT’s Ryan Denham talks with Angel Sides.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/11/18

Jan 11, 2018

Illinois State University has a significant number of undocumented students who say they live in a constant state of anxiety. GLT"s Judy Valente talks with an ISU senior about his fears for the future. GLTs Laura Kennedy delves into bad movies with GLT’s Psych Geeks and finds out why we can’t seem to get enough.  And hear from the drummer of the Rebirth Brass Band headed to the Castle Theater Sunday night. Jon Norton has the interview. 

GLT Sound Ideas 01/10/18

Jan 10, 2018

Hear the painful cry of a mom whose son is the first accidental overdose victim in McLean County linked to the powerful synthetic Carfentanyl. GLT Correspondent Colleen Reynolds talks with Rickie Lee Benecke about her son Keegan and what other parents need to know. Some Bloomington Aldermen want a signal from Normal whether that council would agree to a welcoming cities ordinance. Town staff are not welcoming the idea. Bullying bosses in the workplace and GLT's Bryan Bloodworth talks with ISU Football Coach Brock Spack.