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What's old is new. People concerned about development incentives could look back to the community collection to keep the Chicago and Alton Railroad yards open on Bloomington's west side. Bill Kemp of the McLean County Museum of History talks with Jon Norton about his new book. Find out who is most likely to sexually harass. Charlie Schlenker talks with an ISU scholar who has developed test indicating who may be likely to engage in such behavior. And hear about a huge donation ISU’s Circus and Allied Arts collection at Milner library. Laura Kennedy has the interview.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/15/18

Jan 15, 2018

Hotel occupancy rates are fairly low in Bloomington Normal. But, developer Jim Pearson feels one more hotel will be good in downtown Bloomington. Pearson talks with GLT's Ryan Denham about the latest idea for a catalyst project in downtown Bloomington. Plus, Martin Luther King Day observances at Illinois Wesleyan University focus on affordable housing. Judy Valente has more. An IWU poet has a new book, and we'll hear Reverend King himself on this holiday from a speech he gave in the twin cities more than half a century ago.

The podcast Suspect Convictions continues with a weird new fact about the Christina McNeil killing. Barton McNeil's ex, Misook Wang bought the bed on which 3 year old Christina was killed...after the murder. Listen to the latest edition with Kerry Martin of the podcast White Wine - True Crime, and  Shira Weiss of the Huffington Post. And you’ll hear from an activist candidate from Springfield ready to challenge 13th District Congressman Rodney Davis. GLT’s Ryan Denham talks with Angel Sides.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/11/18

Jan 11, 2018

Illinois State University has a significant number of undocumented students who say they live in a constant state of anxiety. GLT"s Judy Valente talks with an ISU senior about his fears for the future. GLTs Laura Kennedy delves into bad movies with GLT’s Psych Geeks and finds out why we can’t seem to get enough.  And hear from the drummer of the Rebirth Brass Band headed to the Castle Theater Sunday night. Jon Norton has the interview. 

GLT Sound Ideas 01/10/18

Jan 10, 2018

Hear the painful cry of a mom whose son is the first accidental overdose victim in McLean County linked to the powerful synthetic Carfentanyl. GLT Correspondent Colleen Reynolds talks with Rickie Lee Benecke about her son Keegan and what other parents need to know. Some Bloomington Aldermen want a signal from Normal whether that council would agree to a welcoming cities ordinance. Town staff are not welcoming the idea. Bullying bosses in the workplace and GLT's Bryan Bloodworth talks with ISU Football Coach Brock Spack.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/09/18

Jan 9, 2018

It’s an update on Rivian Automotive. The company has stayed quiet since buying the Mitsubishi plant a year ago and has an even longer history of avoiding publicity. EV industry watcher Chelsea Sexton also says people want to know what Rivian is working on. GLT’s Ryan Denham reports. Hear from Brock Spack, ISU’s football coach who has turned around the program. And it’s a conversation with Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner about the controversy at last night’s council meeting about another scheduled meeting to discuss the library and downtown Bloomington. 

GLT Sound Ideas 01/08/18

Jan 8, 2018

Hear from Bloomington and Normal’s City Managers who are trying to rebuild a relationship both think has suffered. It’s an interview with Interim Bloomington City Manager Steve Rasmussen and Town of Normal City Manager Mark Peterson on relationship building and cooperation – including economic development, emergency services, and a possible 911 merger. And you’ll hear from Illinois Appellate Court Judge James Knecht. He’s the featured speaker at the 42nd annual Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Awards Luncheon later this month. GLT’s Ryan Denham has the interview. 

GLT Sound Ideas 01/05/18

Jan 5, 2018

Two cousins of convicted murderer Barton McNeil are trying to fight for the freedom of the relative they believe was wrongly convicted. Hear about the sleuthing of Grace Schlaffer and Chris Ross during our ongoing presentation of the podcast Suspect Convictions. Central Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis approves of the hard line foreign policy and rhetoric of President Trump. Hear an interview with GLT's Ryan Denham. And IWU Alum and actor Richard Jenkins is up for a Golden Globe this weekend. Judy Valente talks with Jenkins about his career. 

GLT Sound Ideas 01/04/18

Jan 4, 2018

Bloomington-Normal high school students say there's a need to tamp down anti-immigrant sentiment. People start chants at ball games saying "Build That Wall." Racist epithets are common. Some students fear going to school. Hear a Not In Our Schools panel discussion. Plus, U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis talks taxes and the GOP legislative victory with Ryan Denham, and Jon Norton interviews ISU's basketball coach.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/03/18

Jan 3, 2018

In reading Poetry, it's important to be generous and open hearted.  One person can say the poem doesn't appeal because it does not address an elevated topic. Another might say it's great because it addresses something outside their experience, like making hamburgers. And two central Illinois authors say there's no reason to argue because both takes on the poem are valid. Interpreting poetry, Laura Kennedy's interview, plus more of the books of 2017 including works on Greenbelt communities, a Holy Roman Emperor of eight centuries ago, and a look at criminals in the American imagination.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/02/18

Jan 2, 2018

Books Books Books. GLT gave you a number of interview on Sound Ideas in 2017 about books, including ISU Scholar Karen Coates about the role of Mothers in literature.Plus, Wonder Woman's archetype analyzed, the celebrations of the Cubs world series championship are flowing. And Jon Norton talks with an author about the Windy City Blues Scene.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/29/17

Dec 29, 2017

Convicted Murderer Barton McNeil is trying to pin the killing of his daughter Christina on his ex, Misook Nowlan. Nowlan has written a letter denying it and saying police looked at receipts and witnesses to her alibi at the time. Illinois Wesleyan University social psychologist and true-crime buff Amanda Vicary joins journalists Scott Reeder and Willis Kern on the next edition of Suspect Convictions. Plus, we recap more of the top accessed stories of 2017 on GLT.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/28/17

Dec 27, 2017

The pastor of one of Bloomington-Normal's largest congregations ignited controvesy in 2017 with a sermon that criticized non-traditional families and suggested homosexuality is a choice. The pushback to Pastor Mike Baker of Eastview Christian Church was one of the top stories listened to on GLT this year. Others include the investigative series Landlord V Tenant, The struggle to improve police and resident relations with a Citizen Review Board, Criminal Charges against former Bloomington Coliseum Managers, and more.

Bluegrass legend Sam Bush was not all that enchanted when he was growing up on a farm. He was interested in hanging around and riding his bike with the kids in town. But, now he's grateful for that farm and work centered upbringing. Bush tells GLT's Jon Norton he is fortunate his parents supported Bush's music. Hear about the year in central Illinois music with Sam Bush, the Henhouse Prowlers, the Something Brothers, Sarah Qua, and more.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/26/17

Dec 26, 2017

George Thorogood got his start in accoustic blues, though he's better known for a rockin blues electric sound. But, Thorogood says he's not unique. Listen to George Thorogood return to his roots as well as Black Violin, Chicago Farmer, John Till, and more in a Sound Ideas review of music in central Illinois in 2017.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/22/17

Dec 22, 2017

Could new DNA evidence, including so-called "touch DNA," exonerate Barton McNeil in the 1998 murder of his 3-year-old daughter, Christina? The exclusive podcast Suspect Convictions continues. Find out what GLT's Culture Maven thinks of the new "Star Wars" film. It raked in more than $536 million in the first week. And we asked for your holiday traditions and you delivered. GLT's Ryan Denham shares some of the best ones, including a few you might want to steal for yourself.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/20/17

Dec 20, 2017

Continuing a trend begun last spring in Normal Township elections, more first-time women candidates are running as Democrats for McLean County office.  GLT's Judy Valente talks with county board candidates Elizabeth Johnston and Sharon Chung. Ryan Denham tracks down and talks with two central Illinois Congressman in the middle of voting on the GOP tax overhaul bill. And student Reporter Baylee Steelman takes a look at holiday need.

There is a long list of political misdeeds. But, what's happening today might not come off well compared to historically scummy times.  ISU Political Scientist Nancy Lind is the co-author of the new book Corruption: Accountability and Discretion. looking at how corruption impacts the public and policy makers. Laura Kennedy talks with her and co-author Cara Rabe-Hemp. Hear from those in favor and those against a welcoming cities ordinance, speaking at the Bloomington City Council meeting.

The issue of same sex marriage has torn apartment one of Bloomington's most prominent Protestant congregations. GLT's Judy Valente reports on why more than a hundred members have left St. John's Lutheran Church, and the lessons it holds for other Protestant denominations. Hear from two members of the newly seated Bloomington Public Safety and Community Relations Board. It’s an effort to keep Bloomington from becoming the next Ferguson, Missouri. Ryan Denham has the interview.

Hear listeners to the podcast Suspect Convictions pose questions to man convicted of murdering his daughter, including the question of how Barton McNeil's attorneys performed their duties. It's an episode called "Ask Bart" in our continuing presentation of the podcast Suspect Convictions. Hear from Bloomington-Normal native and U-High grad who worked as a visual effects coordinator on the new Star Wars film.  And get a preview of this weekend’s Illinois Symphony Orchestra performance. Charlie Schlenker talks with ISO music director Ken Lam.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/14/17

Dec 14, 2017

Unit Five administrators are facing increasing mental health issues among elementary children with alarm. Superintendent Mark Daniel tells GLT's Charlie Schlenker even two or three troubled children per building can change a school environment. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin talks with Ryan Denham about the Alabama election, the GOP tax bill, and more. And Laura Kennedy delves into keeping political conversation civil during the holidays.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/12/17

Dec 12, 2017

Green Top Grocery opened to high expectations after five years of effort to get it up and running. Green Top's Melanie Shellito and General Manager Michael Pennington talk with GLT's Ryan Denham about what remains to be accomplished. Hear how Illinois State University might be able to fill a gap in cybersecurity jobs. And Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio. He talks about a tax increase for the library, a tax increase off the table, and how all of it affects the next in the red budget. 

GLT Sound Ideas 12/11/17

Dec 11, 2017

All eyes are on the FCC ahead of Thursday's vote to repeal net neutrality and reshape the Internet. What will that mean for Internet users in Bloomington-Normal? GLT's Ryan Denham talks with ISU economics professor David Loomis and another local expert about what happens to your beloved Netflix after the big vote.  Find out why Governor Bruce Rauner is playing the victim to Democrat Mike Madigan. And Charlie Schlenker has a preview of the Economic Development Council’s BN by the numbers presentation this week.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/08/17

Dec 8, 2017

The podcast Suspect Convictions looks this week at potential similarities between the death of Christina McNeil, and another killing in 2011 when Linda Tiede (tie-duh)'s daughter in law Misook Wang killed Tiede. Hear from then prosecutor Bill Workman and others about Misook Wang, during Suspect Convictions. Plus...a modern day crooner and his career...and Christmas at the mansions.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/07/17

Dec 7, 2017

Hear about new recycling options proposed in the next McLean County 20 year solid waste plan developed by the Ecology Action Center.  Michael Brown is the Executive Director of the EAC. Municipal ordinances could require some types of recycling by 2022 if voluntary programs aren’t effective.  Get up to speed on the Toys for Tots Silver Ball Fundraise and the after party with the band Wildermore.  And it’s a conversation with Bloomington-Normal radio legend Don Munson. He’s announced his retirement and the end of his Thursday evening show Radio Munson.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/06/17

Dec 6, 2017

McLean County Democratic Party Treasurer John Whalen says his party has a lot of energy. There will be nine contested county board seats next November. GLT's Ryan Denham has more. Holiday gift pets are often a bad idea, but not always. Laura Kennedy has more on Animal House.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/05/17

Dec 5, 2017

The state agricultural economy is entering its fourth straight down year and farmers are cutting spending. Illinois Farm Bureau Economist Mike Doherty says there's huge support for NAFTA among Illinois farmers despite Trump administration opposition.  McLean County GOP Chair Chuck Erickson talks with Ryan Denham talk about candidate filings, not only in his own party, but from white male Libertarians and female Democrats. State Senator Jason Barickman chats about the proposal to legalize marijuana in Illinois. And Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos talks property taxes.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/04/17

Dec 4, 2017

Hear from an Illinois State University expert on state and local government, who says the proposal to strip Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner's agenda setting power might or might not be legal, but it's certainly a bad idea. ISU Political Scientist Lori Riverstone-Newell talks with GLT's Charlie Schlenker about city government structure and politics. Education institutions are not alone in expressing a strong dislike of the House version of the GOP tax bill. Find out how health care organizations and not-for-profits are also concerned. Ryan Denham reports.

GLT Sound 12/01/17

Dec 1, 2017

It’s the newest episode of suspect Convictions. Hear from a prominent crime podcaster who says she sees the same types of patterns over and over in cases from the 1990s. Rabia Chaudry  talks about the Bloomington murder case of Christina McNeil on Suspect Convictions. And GLT’s Coleen Reynolds checks in on one mid-term project of the Multi-Cultural Leadership Program.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/30/17

Nov 30, 2017

Hear about business and property tax breaks. Portillo’s and Brandt may leap to mind. But it's not just new or expanding businesses looking to take a bite out of their tax bill. Curt Richardson from Unit 5 schools talks with GLT's Ryan Denham about settling a years-long dispute with student apartment owners -- with thousands of dollars in precious tax money at stake. Laura Kennedy talks with GLT’s Culture Maven and the Interim Dean of Milner Library about sexual harassment and the entertainment industry.