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Jason Doss / Wikimedia Commons

Kansas City is poised to become the smartest of smart cities in the next five years, according to the city employee leading that effort.

Rivian Automotive

The first two vehicles being introduced by Rivian Automotive this year will be autonomous, or self-driving, and designed for adventure.

During an interview for GLT's Sound Ideas, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said the "electric adventure vehicles" will have steering wheels, but drivers won't have to necessarily use them. 

Illinois State University

America’s search for more cybersecurity professionals may begin in a kindergarten classroom.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Two local experts say Bloomington-Normal Internet users shouldn’t panic—at least for now—about this week’s planned FCC vote to loosen regulations of cable and telecom companies. 

Baylee Steelman / WGLT

Facing cybersecurity issues on multiple fronts, local officials and IT experts briefed U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis on Thursday about what they're doing to keep pace with hackers and other online threats.

Illinois State University

With a sense of awe and a sense of humor, Central Illinois residents documented Monday's rare solar eclipse by sharing a ton of photos on social media.

Ryan Denham / WGLT

Cubicles, classrooms, and even some streets emptied out Monday afternoon as Bloomington-Normal gazed up to the sky for the much-anticipated solar eclipse.

Romeo Durscher / NASA

It is indeed dark during the day as a total solar eclipse makes its way from Oregon to South Carolina. Eleven states are in the path of total darkness.


Can’t make the trip down to Carbondale for Monday’s total eclipse? There’s plenty of ways to enjoy this rare event right here in Bloomington-Normal, which will get a maximum 90 percent of the Sun obscured by the Moon. That should make it seem like twilight, according to the Twin City Amateur Astronomers.


BN STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is giving away thousands of glasses to classrooms across McLean County for safely viewing the upcoming solar eclipse.

Google Earth Engine

Bloomington-Normal looked a little different 33 years ago.

Google Images

Throw some particles at an atom and what do you get? That's what Dr. Allison Harris wants to know.

Staff / WGLT

A new phenomenon on Twitter is further blurring the lines between real and fake news.  Illinois State University's School of Communication SMACC is tracking around 80 different so called "alt" or "rogue" Twitter accounts. Nate Carpenter is the assistant director of media convergence and runs the SMACC lab.  While the so-called rogue accounts may provide factual information, Carpenter said to "pay attention to the message" to judge the reliability of the Tweets.

Staff / WGLT

The founder and CEO of Rivian Automotive thinks people may be tiring of traditional car ownership.  He calls cars "poorly performing assets." R.J. Scaringe was in Normal as the company moves toward purchasing the former Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant. The town council voted unanimously on an economic incentive package Monday. 

Bloomington Moving Forward With Downtown Development

Aug 15, 2016
Michael Hill / WGLT

Bloomington will continue taking steps to bring economic development to the downtown area, despite the informal rejection of a proposal to build a hotel there.

Catch A Falling Star

Aug 12, 2016
M.K. Feeney / Flickr via Creative Commons

The annual Perseids meteor shower looks to be very promising this year.  2016 is being called an outburst year for the celestial event, meaning more meteors than usual will blaze across the sky.  And it’s all thanks to a certain enormous planet.

Mike Miletich / WGLT

The Town of Normal has announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft with a focus on digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and youth engagement with STEM subjects. As part of the digital alliance, the town, along with Microsoft, has agreed to support the promotion and establishment of initiatives that focus on STEM education and economic development in the Twin Cities and Central Illinois. 

Mike Miletich / WGLT

A  family in Normal is trying to start a trend towards solar energy systems for houses in the community. Paul and Kathy Packard own the home with the Solar Bloomington-Normal program's first solar installation.

Feed My Starving Children

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in the case of a group of Illinois State University students, a picture is worth a million meals.  

Jonathon Malone will be graduating and moving on to a job at State Farm but he’ll continue working on a class project even after he has his diploma in hand.

Staff / WGLT

The man often referred to as "one of the most technically proficient hackers on Earth" is the keynote speaker for Illinois State University's Science and Technology week.

Charlie Miller speaks at ISU Tuesday night, April 12 as part of the university's President Speaker Series. During a GLT Sound Ideas interview, Miller said he's been hacking things since he was a kid, and now spends time hacking his own kid's toys.

Fred Smith

Could you be part Neanderthal or even Denisovan. Find out in the debut of our new feature "Ask an Expert."  What do you want to know? Submit your question today!

Eco Energy Grows In Illinois

Mar 24, 2016
Jim Browne / WGLT

Overall employment in Illinois' clean energy sector grew by 9 percent last year. But according to a report from Clean Energy Trust, the state's losing jobs in solar and wind.

SIU Goes Deep With New Rolling Radar

Mar 14, 2016
ditchwitchf / Flickr via Creative Commons

Southern Illinois University's Center for Archaeological Investigations has a new piece of equipment that can help give a picture of what's below the surface.

Illinois Woos Spy HQ

Mar 4, 2016
Unknown /

The head of a federal spy agency that plans to relocate its regional headquarters from St. Louis is scheduled to visit a possible new home in southwestern Illinois. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency director Robert Cardillo is joining Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and the state's two U.S. senators for a private briefing at MidAmerica Airport today. The site has emerged as one of the $1.6 billion project's two front-runners. St.

Rugby471 / Flickr via Creative Commons

Apple says it's challenging government efforts to overcome encryption on at least 14 devices nationwide in addition to the phone of a San Bernardino, California, shooter. Lawyers told a New York federal magistrate judge that Apple is opposing giving up information on at least 15 devices including at least one in Illinois. The government has said Apple's position on the issue was inconsistent.

Member of Illinois' congressional delegation are appealing to the head of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in support of Scott Air Force Base's bid to host its new facility. U.S. Sens. Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk and other Illinois congressmen wrote a letter to NGA Director Robert Cardillo this week, urging him to select a 182-acre site in St. Clair County as the location of the agency's new $1.6 billion campus. Cardillo visited with U.S. Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois' 12th congressional district and others in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

Gov Unveils IT Upgrade Plan

Jan 25, 2016
Steve Vance / Flickr via Creative Commons

Governor Bruce Rauner says Illinois is in the stone age when it comes to information technology. While delivering a speech at the Department of Corrections Administration, the first term Republican pointed to that agency as an example of inefficiencies. But he isn't talking about reducing inmates, but increasing administrative efficiencies at the Department, and their paperwork load.

MetroNet Past Shows Problems

Jan 11, 2016
Srieffler / Creative Commons

The company that wants to bring an all fiber network to Bloomington-Normal has a problematic track record.

Bloomington Normal Becomes Gigabit Community

Jan 7, 2016
srieffler / Creative Commons

A proposed fiber-optic internet system would make Bloomington-Normal a Gigabit community. Evansville Indiana based MetroNet is planing on bringing speeds of up to a gigabit per second to homes and businesses. Kathy Scheller is a spokesman for the company. While not disclosing subscription costs, she says the company will be competitive with existing providers.

Scheller says work is scheduled to begin this spring. Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner says people will benefit from the competition. She says the company is investing millions of dollars installing the fiber-optic network.

IDOT Monitoring Holiday Drone Sales

Dec 21, 2015
Bob Carroll / TV 10

Add the Illinois Department of Transportation to the list of government agencies closely watching the sales of drones this holiday season. The Federal Aviation Administration's new drone registration program is now in place and IDOT is weighing in.