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The latest exhibition at the University Galleries in Normal allows contemporary women artists to explore the legacies of the writers who inspire them. It's Strange Oscillations and Vibrations of Sympathy, currently on view. Very much in the vein of inspiration, the title of the show was written by one writer, underlined by another and used to inspire a work of art.


The president of Illinois State University says shared governance --the input of faculty, staff and students into the way ISU operates-- is strong.

The concept was called into question late last month when some 50 faculty members signed a letter opposing some ideas they say the Education Advisory Board touts that conflict with the tenets of a liberal arts education.


Bloomington has been on the right track, even when it has been on the wrong track over the last several decades as it has struggled to preserve and revive its downtown.

That's according to Urban Historian Alan Lessoff of Illinois State University. Lessoff is the fall arts and sciences lecturer Thursday evening at the Bone Student Center.

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With the end of Daylight Savings Time, our bodies are expected yet again to adapt to a shift that could disrupt our sleep-wake cycle for days.  Even though the time shift happens only twice a year, many people suffer from ongoing sleep problems that can critically impact our health.

Illinois State University

Illinois State University has promoted from within to fill the Dean Position in the College of Applied Sciences and Technology.

Todd McLoda is the current Senior Associate Dean in that College.


Faculty and staff are telling Illinois State University trustees they are stressed and worried about the future of the institution because of the non existent state budget.  

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Many, many years ago, prairie grasses covered much of the Midwest.  The grasses lost the battle to cultivated crops -- corn, wheat, soybeans.  But now everyday gardeners are trying to bring prairie grass back where it belongs.

Justin Timberlake in a voting booth
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A prosecutor in Tennessee backed off a statement he made earlier in the day yesterday in which he said he was considering whether Justin Timberlake should be prosecuted for taking a selfie in a voting booth.  Tennessee last year made it a misdemeanor crime, punishable with a one-month jail sentence, to use a phone in a polling place for anything other than looking up information. 

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Being a rock musician isn't just a young person's game.  An Illinois State University music professor wants to help people of all ages live the rock n' roll dream.

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Donald Trump declared during Sunday’s debate that remarks about sexually groping women were – as he put it – “just words” but at Illinois State University, there is a concerted effort to change the campus culture so students, faculty and staff chose their words more carefully.

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Fans of musician Bob Dylan's win of the Nobel prize for literature include several members of the Illinois State University English Department.

Among them is Jan Susina, who says the decision recognizes that song writing can be poetry and is in Dylan's case.

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With the precarious nature of state funding as a backdrop, Illinois State University President Larry Dietz said he is working to organize a coalition of local education administrators.

During Sound Ideas, Dietz said there are important areas besides funding totals that are of concern.


Political Scientists from ISU have different reactions to Donald Trump's debate comment that if he were President, Hillary Clinton would be in jail. Erik Rankin spoke during GLT's Sound Ideas.

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History and Fine Arts at Illinois State University are doing a collaborative election series this year. In the series is a session on voter suppression in America.

Vanessa Schulman is an art historian and Amy Wood is in the Department of History.

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Many things in the Middle East right now are being viewed in the U.S. through the lens of the Presidential election.

A former Iraqi Ambassador to the U.N. says that obscures the complexity of the situation there. GLT's Charlie Schlenker talks with Feisal Al Istrabadi in advance of the Ambassador's education week keynote address at ISU Tuesday.

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After forty years, and Illinois State University graduate and acclaimed artist Wonsook Kim has returned to campus to share her work in a new exhibition, and to lend a hand to the next generation.

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Illinois State University Homecoming is October 3 through 9, with A Normal Tradition as the theme for this year's festivities.  

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A battlefield is a noisy place. And that can have long term consequences for soldiers.

An ISU researcher is coordinating a huge study of military personnel and their hearing health after explosions with a group of military scientists in San Diego.

ISU School of Theatre and Dance

The Illinois State University School of Theatre and Dance has a diverse collection of plays to run this season, from old favorites to new and exciting works.  The  emphasis this season is on international playwrights.  

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The pages of children and young adult's literature are strewn with the corpses of many a mother.  A new collection of essays examines the role of the mother in books for young people and finds that moms can be so much more than what is currently portrayed in a lot of popular fiction.

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Women are the pivotal characters in a film festival launching Wednesday at the Normal Theater, but that may not necessarily be a good thing. Femme fatales, or fatal females, usually set the plot into motion. 

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A certain Supreme Court decision written 150 years ago still has relevance for us today.

Justice David Davis of Bloomington penned the opinion in Ex Parte Milligan a century and a half ago.

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Health care costs are a major concern for everyone, but especially those planning for retirement. While incomes may be fixed, the numbers on medical bills aren't.

Edgar Norton, Director of  Illinois State University's Institute for Financial Planning and Analysis, said the average 65-year old couple will spend about $250,000 on health care. While that may seem like a large amount of money, Norton said there are ways to help reduce the impact.


ISU President Larry Dietz says he does not forsee a need for layoffs or furloughs at the campus in Normal.

During his state of the university speech Dietz lamented that higher education is in the same position it was last year at this time, no budget, no appropriation, and a lack of certainty for some months more as the legislature and Governor refuses to act.

Illinois State University

Illinois State University's ability to recruit and retain students has captured media attention across the state.

President Larry Dietz has given interviews to radio networks and newspapers based in Chicago. Last week, the university announced enrollment is up past the 21,000 mark and freshman enrollment is at the highest level in 27 years.

But, despite that, Dietz tells GLT's Sound Ideas, he wants to increase international student population at ISU.

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Illinois State University has improved its U-S News and World Report ranking by one place.

The school is the 78th best public university this year.

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After more than a decade of discussion and false starts, Starbucks is coming to the Illinois State University campus.

The coffee shop opens Monday in the Student Fitness Center.

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Illinois State University says not only did overall enrollment and freshmen enrollment rise this fall, so did minority student enrollment. African American enrollment and Latino student attendance increased ten and nine percent respectively.

Freshman Kharisma Thomas of Chicago talked about staff efforts to accommodate students.

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The Labor Day holiday traditionally signals the end of the summer holidays.  But when something ends, something else begins.  Autumn is fast approaching, and the Illinois State University Horticulture Center invites the community to come out to enjoy the fruits of their harvest and engage in traditional activities of the fall.

Illinois State University

Illinois State University has installed a new school seal to replace a 30-year-old predecessor.

The seal was designed by ISU graduate student George Barrecca under the direction of Albion Stafford. Stafford is associate director of the ceramics program at ISU's school of art.

The five-foot-diameter seal replaces one affixed to the wall of Bone Student Center as a gift from the Class of '84. Workers found damage to the seal could not be repaired.