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Jeff Paxton

Corporate Support Coordinator

Phone: 309-438-8955

Jeff Paxton

Jeff Paxton combines two of his favorite things in the world in his job as Corporate Support Coordinator at GLT: his love of business and his love of music!  Before joining the GLT team, he was a contributing listener, avid volunteer and a business underwriter, almost from his first day in the community. He likes to joke that he’s gone from being an underwriter of GLT, to calling on underwriters for GLT.

Jeff has worked as VP at three different corporations and spent many years overseeing retail chain store operations and marketing. His long and varied experience in the business world, as well as roots in the community, gives him valuable insight into the marketing needs of area business owners and managers. He thoroughly enjoys bringing his experience together with his passion for public radio to benefit GLT’s corporate underwriters, the station and the community at large.

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