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The GLT Audience

Who are the GLT listeners?

Public radio stations like GLT attract an audience distinguished by its educational excellence, professional success and community involvement. GLT listeners are choice consumers, savvy business leaders and influentials who are active, well traveled, involved in the arts and committed to their careers.

Here are some key facts about the GLT and NPR audience:

Age 35-54 The GLT audience is mature and active, enjoying the arts, entertainment, travel and fine dining.
Household Income 63% have a household income of $75,000 or more GLT listeners are willing and able to pay for quality.
Education levels 68% have college degrees. 27% have post graduate degrees GLT listeners are lifelong learners. They keep pace with current events and are early adopters of new technologies. They seek and support quality education opportunites for their children.
Family 62% live in households with children As parents and caregivers GLT listeners are rooted in the communities we serve. They active citizens, invested in their homes and working to make their communities stronger.
Financial planning 42% own financial securites GLT listeners plan for the future. They are 92% more likely to seek out financial planning or money management counsel than the average American.
Employment 75% employed. 34% professional, 10% top management, 60% view job as career GLT listeners hold top management positions, make business purchasing choices, supervise others and are considered to be decision makers.

Source: GfK MRI Doublebase 2010

Where are the GLT listeners?

 GLT is a 24 hour, 25,000 watt public radio station broadcasting on FM to much of central Illinois, west to Peoria, north to Pontiac, east to Champaign, and south to Springfield, covering a total population area of over 400,000. We offer awardwinning international, national and local news, weeknight jazz, weekend blues and a wealth of excellent radio programs unique to public broadcasting. In addition to our main FM channel, we offer 4 channels streaming on the web world wide, News& Ideas, GLT Blues Radio, GLT Jazz and Acousticity.

GLT Coverage Map

GLT coverage map






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