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Frequently asked questions about GLT programming changes (as of 8/5/13)

Why did you change the programming during the week?

We are responding to meet the needs of a majority of our listeners. Based on research, there is a clear preference among most listeners for more news and information programming. WGLT audience ratings indicate news shows like Morning Edition and All Things Considered have the largest audience and generate the most in listener donations. We are also responding to decreased listening and donations to weekday music programming. Listeners have consistently expressed a desire for more local news and information, and we are responding with a daily news magazine program produced by the award-winning GLT newsroom.

Why did you change the programming on the weekend?

In the last several years, many new national one hour shows have been developed. We think many of these are shows you and our audience will like. We carefully considered Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM to 1 PM and created a schedule we hope you will find irresistible. We believe all of these new shows deserve air time and hope you give them a try.

Why did you cancel Car Talk?

Tom and Ray Magliozzi have retired, and the show has ceased producing episodes with new content. Car Talk is one of the most expensive programs we air, and our judgment is that without new content, the show is overpriced. We think it's wiser to invest listener dollars in fresher, new national programming.

Did you do this to save money? Will the changes cost more?

No. The changes are essentially cost neutral, as far as "acquired" programming.We are investing more in local programming, by increasing the size of our local news staff.

Can I still hear jazz?

Yes. Our locally produced jazz programming continues from 9 PM to 5 AM Monday through Thursday. We stream jazz online 24/7, through our mobile listening app, or you can listen with an internet radio.

Are any staff members losing their jobs?

No. All staff members are still employed, and are excited. GLT is lucky to have talented individuals already producing news stories and hosting programs. With our new program service, some of these duties will expand for some staff.

How did you decide on the shows to carry? Why didn't you add the show I really want to hear?

There are myriad public radio shows from which to choose and a limited number of hours in a broadcast day. With input from GLT staff and representatives at NPR and PRI, GLT Program Director Mike McCurdy and General Manager Bruce Bergethon arrived at decisions based on what would best serve, inform and entertain you.

Why are you cutting blues programming?

Our changes only affect one hour of blues on Saturday and one hour on Sunday. We are responding to meet the needs of a majority of our listeners. Based on research, there is a clear preference among most listeners for more news and information programming. Many of those shows work best on the weekend.

Are you cutting Frank (Delta Frank, The Blues Doctor)?

No. Frank is still on four hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday. Frank is still on Friday nights from 8-midnight. The GLT show Talkin' Blues is on Friday at 7 PM.

How will these program changes affect the kind of music events that GLT does? Will there still be a Summer Concert and Jazz Cabaret?

All GLT events have their own life cycle, depending on costs and benefits. This year is the last for the Recycled Music Sale, for instance, which is a decision we made long before the format changes were considered. For the immediate future, we plan to continue with signature events like Jazz Cabaret and Summer Concert. In fact, the shift to more talk programming opens up the possibility of doing a broader range of music-based events, since many of our new programs cover a wider spectrum of music than the styles GLT currently plays on the air.

I need more information and/or I want to make suggestions.

We are happy to answer any questions or listen to your comments about the new GLT program schedule. Please use this feedback form. Thanks!

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