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Laura Kennedy / WGLT

The Children's Discovery Museum in Normal has a new head who wants to lead the organization onward, and, perhaps, upward.  

U of I Press

The Mormon church is often viewed as a patriarchal institution.

But, the editor of a new book about the role of women in Mormon marriage says that is not the entire story.

Laura Kennedy / WGLT

An Illinois State University scholar helped to conduct a study that shows gender doesn't have as big an impact in job performance evaluations.

Michael / Flickr via Creative Commons

We train our dogs to do obedience commands to keep them safe and to make sure they're good canine citizens.  Tricks, however, are the gravy of training -- not necessary, but very nice.  But it's not always easy to teach a dog, old or otherwise, a new trick.

First Friday / Downtown Bloomington Association

The artists' studios and galleries of downtown Bloomington are working together to help you be more creative in the new year.

A lot of creative minds in central Illinois gave us books to read this year. As part of GLT holiday programming, we listen back to some of the best author interviews of the year including IWU's Jim Plath writing about John Updike, the photography of Larry Kanfer, a biography of George Gershwin, the President's book of secrets, and a changing fourth amendment.

Hear from a communist and labor organizer who lived in Bloomington in the 1930s. Fighting for the poor takes another path in a look at a woman who founded and fostered a Bloomington Settlement House. GLT brings you episodes of our occasional series McHistory including a scalawag and rogue who painted his way across the country.

Staff / WGLT

The CEO of Rivian Automotive calls the community surrounding the Mitsubishi Plant "something special." 

Heartland Community College

Heartland Community College hosts CommunityScope, an event that highlights a variety of offerings in continuing education and fitness, Saturday, Jan. 7 from 9 AM to noon.

Tony Hisgett / Flickr via Creative Commons

Beautiful, flowering plants like poinsettias are very popular this time of year.  But what about other times of year?  Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow, has advice on keeping those holiday plants going well into the new year.

BTC Keychain / Flickr

2016 was a very big year for news, and it also yielded some pretty big business news headlines.

In this edition of Sound Money, GLT's Willis Kern looks back at some of the top business stories of the past year, along with Edgar Norton, Director of Illinois State University's Institute for Financial Planning and Analysis.

  • #10 Robo-advising
  • #9   Indexing wins
  • #8   Negative interest rates
  • #7   Blockchain
  • #6   Carbon energy collapse


Illinois State University

Illinois State University creative writing professor Gabriel Gudding specializes is crossing literary genres.

His work often mixes poetry with essay, memoir, history and even scientific research. He wrote one collection of poems as a notebook chronicling his frequent road trips between Illinois and Rhode Island to visit his daughter.

Gudding also isn't afraid to take on complex subjects. His most recent book is Literature for Nonhumans, which explores the often regrettable relationship between humans and the animal and plant worlds.

Paint Impact / Flickr via Creative Commons

The House of the Mouse has done it again. After the success of The Force Awakens last year, Disney has released a new stand-alone Star Wars movie that's hitting home as it takes audiences to a galaxy far, far away.

Staff / WGLT

Skepticism and opposition surfaced quickly on social media after economic incentives were announced to attract Rivian Automotive to the former Mitsubishi auto manufacturing plant.  The Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council, the Town of Normal, and Mayor Chris Koos helped lead the effort to pass an incentive package which includes property tax abatements from area taxing bodies. 

Kurt Bauchardt / Flickr via Creative Commons

One of the joys of the holidays is decking your home with festive decor.  But those treasured decorations could pose a problem for the family pet.  Dr. Matt Fraker, from the Prairie Oak Veterinary Center, has some advice.

McLean County Museum of History

We always like to hear stories of lovable rogues, the scalawags who cannot help but be loved despite their moral gray areas.

Here is one such story.

Multicultural Leadership Program

A group of leadership learners is figuring out how to re-stock the workforce of an aging agency.

The Multicultural Leadership Program in Bloomington Normal just recently finished its mid-term presentations in which various teams tell how they are helping other not for profits with a challenge.

Jon Norton / WGLT

Reverberation Vinyl on Main street in Bloomington is not unlike other local record stores.  As you're browsing the bins, the music playing on the stores turntable or CD player is fairly representative of the owner's personal taste.  But at Reverberation Vinyl, you're likely to hear sounds that color a bit more outside the lines.

Meghan Rogers / Normal Public Library

Before 2016 even ends, The Normal Public Library is filling in their 2017 calendars with a variety of events for young and old...and reasonably limber.

David Prasad / Flickr via Creative Commons

Time to untangle those Christmas lights and turn your yard into something special.  Host Patrick Murphy has a few ideas to try, ranging from the traditional to a healthy dollop of pop culture.

Ken Lam

One of the Illinois Symphony Orchestra Music Director finalists is internationally educated with a background in multi-national law and finance.

But, music has always been a part of Hong Kong native Ken Lam's life, starting with violin and moving to conducting.

It's A Wonderful Film

Dec 15, 2016
Don Graham / Flickr via Creative Commons

It's a good thing that the Frank Capra classic, It's A Wonderful Life, was a failure when it was first released in 1946.

The jobs picture in Bloomington-Normal continues to improve, while the housing market consists of a "glass half full" picture, according to Mike Doherty, senior economist with the Bloomington-based Illinois Farm Bureau, and the presenter for the fourth quarter's BN By the Numbers event at ISU Thursday.

Emma Shores

In an effort to train students how to best respond to emergency situations, Illinois State University's Safety program held an incident scenario on campus.

The scenario involved a fork-truck accident in a campus warehouse, and involved police, fire and rescue officials, in addition to ISU Theater students playing the roles of those involved in the mishap. Nora Fredstrom, an ISU senior from Normal double-majoring in Safety and Chemistry, was one of the students responding to the incident, without any prior knowledge to what she would be encountering. Her instructor is Paul Ronczowski, a 20 year veteran with ISU's Department of Health Sciences.  

Joe Borbely of Bloomington-Normal's Jack Dupp & the Empty Bottles said Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam taught him to sing.

"As an awkward teenager, I recall listening to a lot of Pearl Jam.  They were the first band I connected with, so Eddie kind of taught me how to sing ... in my car.  I'm still learning how to let go of him and let myself be him," said Borbely.

Illinois Manufacturers' Association

The loss of manufacturing jobs was a key part of the Presidential campaign and the head of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association says Illinois is worse off than the national average.

Greg Baise will speak at the Bloomington Normal Economic Development Council session, B-N By the Numbers on Thursday.

Staff / WGLT

The municipal elections are not the only ones happening.

The filing period began Monday for school board elections.

Staff / WGLT

The founder and CEO of Rivian Automotive thinks people may be tiring of traditional car ownership.  He calls cars "poorly performing assets." R.J. Scaringe was in Normal as the company moves toward purchasing the former Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant. The town council voted unanimously on an economic incentive package Monday. 

A Quiet Workplace Heroism

Dec 12, 2016
Maria Henneberry

Fifteen minutes felt like 15 hours for a group of GROWMARK employees who found themselves in a situation no one would wish for, but they were thankful to be part of - once it was over.

It was an alarming incident that had an inspiring outcome.

Staff / WGLT

We have had a plethora of petition challenges of candidates in next year's municipal contests, six in Bloomington.

That's four more than in all of the last seven years.