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Woodle Wonderworks / Flickr via Creative Commons

A classic Star Wars villain made a return appearance in the most recent offering of the film series, Rogue One. While some fans were delighted, others were troubled.


Many presidential inaugurals aspire Americans to do great things, think great ideas. Donald Trump's speech seemed to vary significantly from that theme.

Colin Marshall

Mucca Pazza ("Crazy Cow") founding member Rick Kubes said the forming of the 30-odd member marching band was organic.  He gives kudos to fellow founder Mark Messing, the band's original director, choreographer, and music director.

Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Artist Amy Wolfe keeps her eyes open when she's out for walks.  That's because there's always the chance she'll find something interesting to collect and add to her original art.

Cristian Jaramillo / WGLT

Bloomington Alderman Scott Black says he is ready to vote on the West Jefferson Street Community House next week.

The property was originally proposed as a police substation. The WGLT interview with Black is part of series of interviews on the west side house and its proposed use. 

Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

Symphony Orchestras around the nation are struggling to build new audiences as their core subscribers age.

One of the finalists for the job of Illinois Symphony Orchestra Music Director has some thoughts on that problem.

Ruth Hartnup / Flickr via Creative Commons

Out of all the things you can grow in soil, mold is probably one of the least welcome -- right down there with crabgrass and dandelions.  While there are some nasty molds that do damage, there are actually some molds you should encourage.

Staff / WGLT

A proposal to lease a west side home to the Bloomington Police Department (BPD)  for use as a substation is receiving pushback.  


The future of the Affordable Care Act is up in the air, on the eve of the advent of the Trump administration and with a new Congress sworn in.

Staff / WGLT

The head of the Bloomington School District said he expects a Trump administration to push for more school voucher programs.

District 87 Superintendent Barry Reilly said Trump's choice of education secretary Betsy Devos, a proponent of vouchers and charter schools, sends a message about vouchers, though financially those can be problematic for public schools.

Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

Be afraid. Be very afraid of losing your data.

If Presidential campaigns can't keep their computers secure, what hopes do the rest of us have?

Mike McCune / Flickr via Creative Commons

Before you head out to work each morning, spare a thought for your pet, spending hours and hours home alone, lonely and bored.

Mid Central Community Action

Despite forming barely two months ago, the Bloomington-Normal chapter of Black Lives Matter has already publicly voiced concerns about how the Bloomington police department polices especially west side neighborhoods, and about a proposed police substation at 828 W. Jefferson street.

Barry Morse

The Illinois State University Planetarium hosts the Wu-Morse Duo, Jan. 20 and 21 for performances of soundscape improvisations set against celestial projections.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/13/17

Jan 13, 2017

After computer hacking became such a prominent issue in the Presidential campaign, you have to ask if the average home user has a prayer of keeping his or her data private? Information Security worker Seth Pheasant with Illinois State University and the Director of Technology Security for the University, Kevin Krause, join us. District 87 Superintendent Barry Reilly forecasts the effect of a Trump Administration on central Illinois schools. And hear what it's like being a hockey migrant and a host to a hockey player in Bloomington.

Jason and Donna pose together
Ryan Denham

The 23 players on the Bloomington Thunder roster compete night in and night out, holding their own in one of the top hockey minor leagues in the country.

Jellyl Dude / Flickr via Creative Commons

Winter has quite the arsenal it can throw at us -- and our yards, noted  Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow.  But understanding the full wrath of winter weather can help us treat, and possibly, prevent damage.

McLean County Museum Of History


Today's Connect Transit bus system can trace its roots in Bloomington-Normal back more than 130 years. 

A new form of transportation connected Bloomington residents in the late 1800's, a horse railway.

Ryan Kindig

Brandon DaZ recalls playing beats and singing by the time he was barely one-year-old.  As the son of legendary Bloomington-Normal DJ Joe Beck, who has also been a drummer for a number of central Illinois bands over the last three decades, it's not surprising the apple fell close to his father's tree.

"From my Dad practicing with his bands and me going to his gigs, it was always music," said DaZ

Judith Valente/GLT News

As a teenager, Robert McLaughlin would go to the public library in the small town in upstate New York where he grew up and check out the cast albums of Broadway musicals. 

One of those musicals was Stephen Sondheim's "Company" from 1970. 

"I knew his name from "West Side Story," but I didn't know this musical, "Company." It started with all these voices overlapping, calling out the name of the main character. I'd never heard anything like that. It was one of those moments when your heart goes whoo. And I was hooked from then on."

Now McLaughlin has a new book out that looks at the artist and the man, called "Stephen Sondheim and the Reinvention of the American Musical." 

vyla / Flickr via Creative Commons

Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire features an uneasy - and eventually explosive -- chemistry of class, gender politics and sex. Community Players is staging the iconic show beginning this weekend.

Staff / WGLT

The end of an era in Bloomington Normal education is fast approaching.

Unit Five School Board member Gail Ann Briggs is stepping down from the board in April.

She began her service in 1976. 

GLT Sound Ideas 01/10/17

Jan 10, 2017

ISU President Larry Dietz says he is hopeful that a faint flicker of hope for a budget deal will grow into a roaring flame. Dietz talks about financial pressures on higher education, the departure of three ISU Trustees and all they have given the institution, and the effects of a Trump Administration on higher ed. Plus, Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner goes over his State of the City address, and GLT talks Sound Money.

Staff / WGLT

Illinois State University is soon to lose a lot of experience on its Board of Trustees. Oil Company owner J.D. Bergman, former teachers union head Anne Davis, and ISU lifer Betty Kinser are all leaving at the end of their term.

In this interview with GLT's Charlie Schlenker, ISU President Larry Dietz says there isn't enough time to tell all those three have achieved.

Fernando Butcher / Flickr

Some of the top business stories of 2016 dealt with things like Robo-advising and block chain. In this edition of Sound Money, GLT's Willis Kern continues the countdown of the top stories of last year with the top five. 

The stories were selected by Edgar Norton, Director of Illinois State University's Institute for Financial Planning and Analysis.

  • #5 Emerging international markets
  • #4 Illinois budget stalemate
  • #3 New fiduciary rule
  • #2 Brexit
  • #1 Trump election

John Yates poses niside Arcadia
Ryan Denham

Most entrepreneurs use their passion to try and make a buck. John Yates is only looking for your quarters.

Yates is the creator of the Arcadia Playable Arcade Museum in McLean, less than 20 miles southwest of Bloomington-Normal. Yates has turned his massive collection of vintage arcade games and pinball machines into a destination for nostalgic visitors.

Karen Bridges

Bloomington's Dan Hubbard recently made the transition from fronting his band "The Humadors" to solo artist. He has also adopted a storytellers point-of-view to his songwriting, crediting Tom Petty producer Ryan Ulyate, who he got to know by phone. 

"And when I was in L.A. doing a couple shows, he invited me to his house.  He listened to my stuff, critiqued me, and said I needed to consider something Tom does, which is tell more stories instead of talking about my feelings and what I'm doing," said Hubbard.

Michael Cote / Flickr via Creative Commons

All year long, Seedling Theater in the Twin Cities gives kids and adults with special needs a chance to thrive in a theatrical setting.

Nic / Flickr via Creative Commons

No sense in pining away for spring.  According to Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow, you can get planting right now to enjoy from fresh, delicious produce grown by your own hand.

Karen Stauffer

The Mayoral race in the town of Normal is in one sense a referendum on a whole slew of town council decisions to stimulate development and work on the quality of life.