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West Bloomington Active Garden Comes Alive

Apr 17, 2017

Workers begin preparing the soil at the West Bloomington Active Garden on Illinois Street.
Credit Colleen Connelly

It's time once again for community gardeners to begin planting.

The West Bloomington Active Garden has added 12 news beds this season for residents to plant for free, making for a total of 32 plots.

However, all of those plots are already spoken for. Colleen Connelly, who oversees the garden, says there will be a waiting list. Connelly says she's not surprised by the interest the gardens have generated.

"It's a really powerful feeling to grow your own food. The joy of being able to provide for yourself in that way and see something you planted be blossoming and fruiting is really kind of amazing," Connelly said.

The West Bloomington garden is located at the west end of Illinois Street and is sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club as well as private grants. Many of the plots will be used to teach youths how to grow their own food. Connelly said placing the word "active" in the garden's official name wasn't accidental.

"The second part of the name came through our want to not only use this garden as a place not just to grow things but as a platform to facilitate learning and community pride as well," she said.