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Trevor Chapman Named Next NCHS Principal

Feb 8, 2017

Trevor Chapman has been hired as the next principal at Normal Community High School.
Credit McLean County Unit Five

Normal Community High School's new principal is a familiar face in Unit 5 schools.

The school board announced Trevor Chapman as the next principal during Wednesday night's meeting. Chapman has served as the head of Evans Junior High School since 2014.

Chapman said he'd like to help curb the divisiveness prevalent at many high schools. He said that begins with an open line of communication with administrators, students and families.

"I think it's hearing concerns from teachers and parents and then addressing those quickly while being as inclusive as possible," said Chapman. "It's not about tolerance anymore. It's really about embracing the differences and identifying what they are and what we do with them once we know."

Chapman said all students should feel welcome and safe at school. 

Superintendent Mark Daniel said current principal Dave Bollmann did excellent work with students and the community around them.

Daniel said principals like Bollmann can help make the schools into "lighthouse buildings."

"They radiate across the entire community and the district," said Daniel. "He's done an excellent job of leading a lighthouse. That's why it's important for us to have this time to transition with Mr. Bollmann and Mr. Chapman."

Bollmann will help with Chapman's transition into NCHS throughout the rest of the school year. He will leave Unit 5 after spending 33 years working for the district.

Chapman will officially start his new role on July 1.