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There's No Place Like Home-Like Birth Center

Jun 10, 2016

Parents-to-be in central Illinois have a new option available to them when it comes to bringing their new little bundle of joy into the world.

The Birth Center of Bloomington/Normal on Westport Court in Bloomington is the only downstate, free standing birthing center.  The Center is nearly ready to open its doors to women with low-risk pregnancies who want to deliver in a home-like setting.  Marlyce Klopping-Davis is the director of the center and a registered nurse and certified nurse midwife.  She explained that there are three rooms all ready for moms-to-be, each with its own theme, from contemporary to shabby chic to romantic.  The rooms have soft lighting, comfortable furniture, a large tub for moms who want water births and a spacious shower area.

"We have all kinds of things that will help mom be comfortable in labor," Klopping-Davis said.  "What we don't have are C-sections.  But we are only a few minutes away from the hospital and have a transfer agreement with the EMS, which is just across the street. So if mom needs to transfer due to pain management or something is going on in labor that's no longer considered normal, it's a seamless transfer of care right into the hospital."

The Birth Center is a less expensive option for families.  Klopping-Davis noted that it costs about a third less than traditional hospital care. "We will accept insurance," she added.