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Rauner Madigan Mediator Failed

Feb 10, 2017

The Governor's office will not identify the mystery mediator who tried to help resolve the obstacles to a budget agreement between House Speaker Mike Madigan and Governor Bruce Rauner.
Credit Dave Gray / Flickr

Governor Bruce Rauner says an undisclosed third party tried to help strike a budget deal between the Illinois governor and his main political rival, House Speaker Michael Madigan.

The Governor was asked on Chicago Public Radio whether he has tried a mediator with Democratic House Speaker Madigan.

Rauner says he did bring in someone who "The Speaker fondly regards and regards as a leader and has a lot of respect for and has a lot of respect for and have them come and sit and listen to us and coach and give feedback. I’ve done this many, many times," said Rauner

It didn’t work. The state budget impasse is now at 20 months.

Rauner’s office wouldn’t say who this person is or when the meeting happened.

A spokesman for Speaker Madigan said he doesn’t know about it.

Rauner and Madigan have not met in two months.

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