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May Unemployment Improves In Bloomington-Normal

Jun 22, 2017

3,700 people were out of work and looking for a job in Bloomington-Normal in May.
Credit David Wilson / Flickr

The Bloomington Normal area edged under 4-percent unemployment last month. That's according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security. Economists suggest the lowest possible level of unemployment is about that 3.8-percent mark.

Compared to a year ago, the twin cities had 900 more jobs in May.

Department Director Jeff Mays said job gains in the northeastern corner of the state show some signs of recovery, but the rate of job growth remains below the national average. Mays said there are pockets of modest job growth downstate, but not a sustainable trend.
There were an estimated 3,700 people out of work and looking for a job last month in the twin cities. That is unchanged from April, but down 600 people from March.

State figures showed job gains in the twin cities in business, government, financial, and construction sectors. There were job losses in manufacturing, retail, and leisure and hospitality over the twelve month period.
State wide most metro areas continue to see lower unemployment, but little job growth.

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