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ISU Establishes Finance Institute

Jul 7, 2016


There's a new business institute at Illinois State University. It's called the Institute for Financial Planning and Analysis and listeners to Sound Money will recognize the name of the institute's director--Edgar Norton, long time a professor of finance at ISU, is now heading up this institute.

  • The institute will provide a formal mechanism for students to get more job leads and is additional to the current internship program.
  • The institute may create job-shadowing opportunities for students
  • Mentoring options should increase for students
  • The institute will be patterned after current successful like efforts in the college of business, including the Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services, and the Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.
  • This provides ISU with a chance to partner with businesses that may have a philanthropic interest in helping students who want to build a career in the world of finance.

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