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Human Service Providers Pitch To Chamber

Feb 25, 2016

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Credit Joe D. Miles / CQC Press Agency

Human service providers make for better communities. That's what the head of a human service provider umbrella organization says. Judith Geithner is CEO of Illinois Partners for Human Services, which represents over 800 Illinois non-profits. She's speaking before the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Friday morning. She says human service providers not only provide jobs for a community, like any other small business, but also make it possible for others to work.

"They also provide opportunities for employment for those that use their services. As an example, if I drop my child off at childcare this morning, I'm able to work. If my 90 year old mother is able to get care in her apartment today, and I don't need to be there, I'm able to work."

Geithner says instead of outsourcing jobs, human service providers make it possible for others in the family, as well as the client to work locally. Geithner's speaking before the Chamber at the Chateau Hotel and Conference Center at 7:30 Friday morning.