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Heated Discussion at LaHood Town Hall Meeting

Apr 20, 2017
Originally published on April 20, 2017 4:18 pm

About 750 people attended 18th District Republican Congressman Darin LaHood’s town hall meeting at Five Points Washington. LaHood greeted everyone at the door and took at least 35 questions from a heated room. ACA Reform, the release of President Trump’s taxes and climate change were some of the most heated and repeated topics of the town hall meeting. LaHood also stayed calm and steady though a sometime bombastic crowd response. He says it was a productive dialogue.


“There are passionate people that I’m not going to agree with on  every issue, whether that’s health care, or whether it’s taxes or whether it’s President Trump. What I’ve said is just to have an honest conversation on my thoughts and how I feel on things and give people an idea of  how I make the decision I do and how I vote on things.”

LaHood told the audience the President should release his taxes and he wants to make sure the most vulnerable people are supported with Medicaid and any changes to the Affordable Care Act. The Congressman also addressed proposed budgetary cuts that he says he will not support, including the cuts the Department of Agriculture the EPA and PBS.

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