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Gov Unveils IT Upgrade Plan

Jan 25, 2016

Credit Steve Vance / Flickr via Creative Commons

Governor Bruce Rauner says Illinois is in the stone age when it comes to information technology. While delivering a speech at the Department of Corrections Administration, the first term Republican pointed to that agency as an example of inefficiencies. But he isn't talking about reducing inmates, but increasing administrative efficiencies at the Department, and their paperwork load.

"276,000 pieces of paper every day...(laugh)...exactly. 276,000 pieces of paper every day. That's 69-Million pieces of paper every year."

Rauner says IDOC is not alone in it's inefficiencies. He says the state's IT system, which he says dates back to the mid 1970's. He says an update will reduce inefficiencies, improve cross agency communication, and improve speed. The Governor says he's creating a new state agency by executive order to address those problems, to be called the "Department Of Innovation and Technology."