GLT Sound Ideas 04/26/17 | WGLT

GLT Sound Ideas 04/26/17

Apr 26, 2017

Last year, Heartland Community College had to return $35,000 in state funds back to Springfield because it came retroactively for a program that had been cut. Heartland Vice President Doug Minter says it wasn't so much the loss of funds, but the uncertainty. Hear about Heartland's multiyear strategic budgeting plan, which administrators hope can keep reserve funds in check. Shallow arctic pools are a troubling indicator of the effects of global warming. That's according to a Canadian-based climate change expert speaking at ISU this week. Charlie Schlenker has the interview. During Animal House you'll hear how fungus can be a bad thing for your pets, while Patrick Murphy explains during Grow, it's not so good for the garden either. And, retiring host Willis Kern gives a parting shot.