GLT Sound Ideas 03/14/17 | WGLT

GLT Sound Ideas 03/14/17

Mar 14, 2017

Hear our regular conversation with Mayor Tari Renner. City Manager David Hales may be looking for a job. You'll hear Renner’s reaction. Hales was a finalist for a job in Racine WI. Mayor Renner also talks about fire response times, the city’s audit, and the coliseum. Dr. David Gill is one of the speakers at a Stand Up For Justice Rally on the lawn of the Bloomington Center for the Performing arts Tuesday evening. He’s also running against 13th District Congressman Rodney Davis. Hear what he thinks of the plan GOP’s health care plan. And it’s a conversation with ISU basketball coach. The Redbirds are a number one seed in the NIT.