GLT Datebook: Three Minutes To Win It

Feb 4, 2017

The Three Minute Thesis Competition tests students in a unique situation that takes them out of their academic comfort zone.
Credit University of Essex / Flickr via Creative Commons

The Three Minute Thesis Competition challenges Illinois State University graduate students to turn their research into an elevator pitch.

  • An international sensation that's recently come to the United States, the Three Minute Thesis Competition challenges graduate students the condense their thesis research down to a three minute pitch, with just one slide for visual aid.  The pitch is made to a general audience, rather than a tetam of academics.
  • The students compete against each other before a live audience to cash prizes, which include the people's Choice Award.
  • Presenters are judged on their research and how well they convey it to a lay audience.
  • The ISU competition features 10 students chosen by their college.  The winner of first prize will go on to a regional competition.
  • The first ISU Three Minute Thesis competition is Thursday, Feb. 23 at 6 PM at the Normal Theater.