GLT Datebook: Seedling Theater Offers Unique Opportunities

Jan 7, 2017

Seedling Theater helps those with special needs have fun on stage.
Credit Michael Cote / Flickr via Creative Commons

All year long, Seedling Theater in the Twin Cities gives kids and adults with special needs a chance to thrive in a theatrical setting.

  • Donna Anhalt and Diane Walker help guide Seedling Theater and Seedling Theater Encore, which give people of all ages who have special needs a chance to shine on stage with workshops, summer theater camps and an annual holiday production.
  • Anhalt said the participants thrive in the spotlight, though sometimes it takes them a while to warm up to stage work.
  • Walker remarked that they get a lot of help from the community, like writers and acting coaches, and ¬† the interaction with various artists helps the fledging performers grow.