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Fresh Faces In District 87, Lunch Affordability Addressed

Apr 26, 2017

The District 87 School Board will be under new leadership.

Vice President Mary Yount was nominated for president to replace Jennifer Sedbrook. Yount said she looks forward to the upcoming year.

"It's a great position to work with the board and work on different issues that are coming to the board," said Yount. "I know as a board member we are allowed to do that, but sometimes as the president you can oversee and maybe nurture some of those things more with the board." 

(From left to right): New board members Elizabeth Fox-Anvick, Chuck Irwin, President Mary Yount, Superintendent Barry Reilly.
Credit Baylee Steelman

Board Member James Alameda was nominated to replace Yount as vice president. The board welcomed Chuck Irwin and Elizabeth Fox-Anvick to replace departing board members. 

Bloomington school leaders want to reassure students the district will not embarrass them if they cannot afford to pay for lunch. 

The emphasis on confidentiality policies comes in the wake of national news accounts of some students getting ink stamps on a hand if they do not have money. Superintendent Barry Reilly said schools keep in touch with parents to arrange payment plans.

Newly appointed Vice President James Alameda.
Credit Baylee Steelman

"There have been numerous communications with parents and guardians of those children to try to work on a plan that allows them to work through that in a way that works for them," said Reilly. 

More than half of the student body in District 87 qualifies for free and reduced price lunch.

Reilly said schools will only provide an "alternate lunch" as a last resort. He said the "alternate lunch" meets nutritional standards for daily lunches. 

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