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Eco Energy Grows In Illinois

Mar 24, 2016

Wind Turbines Near Carlock Illinois
Credit Jim Browne / WGLT

Overall employment in Illinois' clean energy sector grew by 9 percent last year. But according to a report from Clean Energy Trust, the state's losing jobs in solar and wind.

The Trust’s director, Ian Adams, says Illinois is not making the investments it should in renewable energy and energy efficiency. State law restricts utility companies' spending on energy efficiency projects. Adams says the money the state collects from ratepayers for renewable energy projects is often "swept" to fix budget holes elsewhere.

"We know how to fix this, it's easy to fix,we just hasn't been able to get things done because of a lack of political will"

State lawmakers in the House and Senate introduced so-called clean jobs legislation last year, but the bills stalled. Exelon and Commonwealth Edison have proposals of their own.