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The Drones Are Coming

Dec 15, 2015

ISU School Of Communication Drone
Credit Bob Carroll / TV 10

The drones are coming, and so are the rules for the unmanned flying machines. Randy AberleĀ  of Flying Ag in Gibson city says he welcomes the new rules, for the most part. One rule that does bother him is a requirement anyone flying for hire must obtain a pilot's license. Aberle says that is standing in the way of farmers who want to use drones to get a better picture of conditions of the fields.

Aberle says he expects that will change. He says he uses drones on his land, and it gives him a better idea of crop and land conditions. Owners of drones between a half pound and 55 pounds have to register with the Federal Aviation Administration according to an announcement Monday (Dec 14). Registration begins in one week (Dec 21).