District 87 Looks To Improve Buildings, Help Band Program

Jan 25, 2017

District 87 Superintendent Barry Reilly will ask the city for money to improve the junior high and high school.
Credit Staff / WGLT

District 87 Schools in Bloomington say they will ask the city for money to improve the high school and junior high.

Superintendent Barry Reilly said both buildings are old enough to be considered for upgrades. Reilly said large improvements could be new roofs and HVAC units.

"You have to take care of and maintain those buildings. We've done a fabulous job of doing that," said Reilly. "We want that to continue and the TIF funds will allow us to do those things and perhaps even enhance some opportunities for our kids."

Both schools are within the Empire Street Corridor Tax Increment Financing District. The city administers money collected from increases in tax revenue to stimulate more development. As part of the deal created by the TIF, District 87 has the right to apply for money. 

Reilly also said he wants TIF funds to help the district band program that is running out of space.

"You can do things like split the band into a couple of bands and utilize the space you have. We can be more strategic in trying to utilize big spaces in combinations with small spaces in addition to the potential for building an addition onto the school," said Reilly. 

Reilly said the school board will ask the city to create a formal process to request TIF District funds for improvements.