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Despite Bump In The Road, No Regrets During RV Adventure

Oct 20, 2016

So far, a Bloomington-Normal couple doesn't think there is much they would do differently on their year-long RV trip. However, there have been a couple of bumps in the road. Jeff and Marci Pritts, kids and pets headed out in their RV named "Someday" on June 13. 

Jeff is the former General Manager of the Bloomington-Normal Marriot Hotel and Conference Center in Uptown. They're a third of the way through their trip, after a journey through upstate New York, down the eastern seaboard, and now through southern states.  The trip has been a mixture of historic sites, urban centers, and natural areas. 

"So many nature things have just been phenomenal. But the east coast enabled us to see a lot of great history and museums,” said Jeff. “That's slowed down on our most recent part as we had to out run Hurricane Matthew. So it's changing, but I'd say it's pretty equal. The cities, even for me -- I'm not a big city guy, I've absolutely loved them. The good part of nature, we've learned so much."

The trip has not been without some issues. Jeff and Marci originally planned to rent their home in Normal, in case they decided to return to community. The tenants fell through. They’re now trying to manage the sale of their home from the road, since they know they're not returning. Jeff landed a job as a hotelier in Texas. 

And then there was the car crash on the way to see the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. 

"Apparently this stretch of highway is extremely well known for bad traffic accidents," said Jeff. "Our car was totaled. We had a quick stop in traffic and the women behind us did not stop and rear ended us and totaled our tow car."

Marci and her daughter Dorothy in the hospital following a crash in Philadelphia.

Everyone was sent to the hospital in neck braces but Jeff said "everyone was fine."

They've since purchased a new tow car they can use when the RV is parked. The Pritts family has put nearly 5,000 miles on the RV and stopped 31 times. Stop 32 is in Hattiesburg, MS. The next big city is New Orleans.  They're planning to be in San Diego to visit Marci's family near the Christmas holiday.