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Court Arguments Set For State Worker Pay Decision

Feb 10, 2017

The rotunda of the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield where lawmakers and the Governor have avoided agreement on a budget for 20 months.
Credit JWolff-STL / Flickr

Next week a downstate judge is scheduled to hear arguments whether Illinois state workers should be paid if there’s still no budget. The result could shut down state government.

Democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan says if a judge rules employees cannot get paid, the threat of a shutdown could force a budget agreement.

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner says the Democratic Comptroller could sign the paychecks for employees regardless of what the judge decides.

"All that means is then Comptroller Mendoza has the authority to decide whether to pay them or not. Doesn’t mean she can’t. She can decide she’s not forced to," said Rauner.

Comptroller Susana Mendoza has said she’ll follow the judge’s order.

This court case could determine a short-term budget. Rauner is set to introduce his long-term budget plan Wednesday.

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