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City Allows Hotel To Reopen

Mar 15, 2017

The Chateau, on Jumer Dr. at Veteran's Pkwy. has reopened.
Credit The Chateau / Facebook

The City of Bloomington has allowed the Chateau Hotel to reopen about a week after shutting it down for non-functional fire alarms.

City Community Development Director Tom Dabareiner said the hotel hired a firm to do extensive work on three panels and other parts of the alarm system and it passed city tests. No fine is planed for remaining open with out functioning fire alarms. 

"The pull stations get tested. There's actually a smoke test for some of the alarms and for smoke detectors.  we also need to make sure the elevators aren't working at the same time," said Dabareiner.       

Dabareiner said the hotel was very cooperative during the closure over the life safety issue.

"This was a clear cut life-safety issue, we had to do it, unfortunately (close the hotel),  but the Chateau Hotel responded very well," said Dabareiner.

He said no fine will be issued. Dabareiner said the hotel's financial loss over the last week would exceed the amount of any fine.

Dabareiner said it's not clear just how long the fire alarm problems existed.

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