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Champaign Fires Police Officer

Apr 14, 2016

Credit Daniel Schwen / Flickr via Creative Commons

Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb has fired an officer who was the subject of a series of lawsuits alleging excessive force.

Matt Rush was fired following an internal investigation that found Rush's badge and gun were visible while he was intoxicated at a bar on Feb. 20 and 21. He was off duty at the time. Rush's attorney, Michael Zopf, said Rush learned he had been fired Tuesday and plans to appeal the decision. Cobb first fired Rush in 2014 for lying on police reports and other misconduct. The officer was reinstated by an arbitrator and instead suspended from his job. Rush was on unpaid leave during the February incident. Champaign has paid $320,000 to settle three lawsuits accusing Rush of excessive force.