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Buchanan Steps Down From McLean County Board

Aug 8, 2017

A longtime public servant has come to the end of his community activism. Rich Buchanan has resigned his McLean County Board seat for health reasons.

County Board Chair John McIntyre said Buchanan is one of the most fair-minded people you'd ever hope to meet.

"He would listen and take a look at all the information, evaluate the facts and then make a decision. I did not feel he was one sided in any sense. If there was anything he was one sided about it was to do what's best for the community and the people," said McIntyre.

Buchanan represented District 7 as a Republican on the McLean County Board. That district includes parts of central and east Bloomington.

Buchanan was also a two-term Bloomington mayor and former Bloomington City Council member, and he contributed to a variety of community organizations over more than 40 years.

Former Bloomington Mayor Jesse Smart, who succeeded Buchanan as mayor, said relations between Bloomington and Normal had been tense before Buchanan took office as mayor.

"Rich Buchanan and then-Normal Mayor Rich Godfrey greatly improved intergovernmental cooperation," said Smart.

Buchan spent more than three decades on the Bloomington Liquor Commission.

"Rich Buchanan absolutely loved public service. He enjoyed being at the central part of things and just gave it his all" said Smart.

McIntyre had the same sense of Buchanan's ethic of service.

"A longtime friend, a colleague, a fellow soldier, I have known him since the 1960s. A longtime community servant, as we all know, he rolled up his sleeves and came right over here and was happy to play a role, and a significant role in what we were doing," said McIntyre.

McIntyre said those interested in the vacancy have until noon on Sept. 7 to apply. The McLean County Board's Executive Committee will interview applicants Sept. 7. A new appointment will be made Sept. 19.

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