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Bloomington's Planning, Zoning Chief Leaves For Job Near Chicago

Oct 11, 2017

Tom Dabareiner, Bloomington's community development director.
Credit City of Bloomington

The city of Bloomington is losing its top planning and zoning official.

Tom Dabareiner’s last day as Bloomington’s community development director will be Oct. 20, he said. Dabareiner is leaving for a new job with the same title at a city in Chicago’s western suburbs, closer to his family.

“One of the great things about my job is no matter where I'm working, I get to learn new places and meet new people, and I get to contribute to the community using my experience,” Dabareiner said. “This was also my experience in Bloomington. I wish everyone here the very best and brightest future.”

In Bloomington, Dabareiner oversaw the city’s building safety, planning and zoning, economic development, code enforcement and rental inspections, fire inspections, and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) work. He joined the city in 2014.

He's the second member of Bloomington's executive staff to be leaving his job. City Manager David Hales recently accepted a new job in Joliet.

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