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Blood Moon Eclipse Sunday Evening

Sep 25, 2015

Harvest Moon

If the weather cooperates, you'll be able to view an impressive event. This Sunday evening, the moon will pass into the earth's shadow, a lunar eclipse. The Moon will also take on a different hue, according to Carl Wenning of the Twin City Amateur Astronomers: "Total lunar eclipse is going to occur here in the early evening hours on the 27th, and you're gonna have at the same time on the 27th the "super moon," and then of course the moon will turn bloodish red simply because it's passing through the shadow of the earth in shadow in the phenomenon known as a total eclipse." Wenning is former director of the Illinois State University Planetarium. He says the Amateur Astronomers are hosting a viewing session at their Funks Grove observatory Sunday evening. Wenning says Sunday's moon is a "Super Moon," because it's actually as close as it gets to the earth.