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Biss Calls For A Strong Democratic Movement

Feb 12, 2017

Illinois State Senator Daniel Biss speaking to a crowd at the McLean County Democratic Party's annual "Honoring the Roosevelts" Dinner Sunday night.
Credit Mike Miletich / WGLT

A State Senator from Evanston is telling McLean County Democrats they can't allow millionaires to buy the government and use it against the middle class. 

Daniel Biss is exploring a run for Governor. During the McLean County Democratic Party Roosevelt Dinner, Biss said FDR was also against bankers taking control of working people.

"They're making decisions for themselves against us and they're at the table and we're not," said Biss. "They're making decisions about us without us. We're going to win by forcing our way into that room and creating a movement they won't be able to ignore."

Biss said he has become a professional protestor and will support every group rallying and protesting to make a better country. Biss said Democrats need to keep their energy to create a movement that can make changes.

Biss also said there are more problems affecting the state than Donald Trump. He said Illinois needs to care more about its schools and social service agencies.

"The state's burning down. It's being taken apart. We're doing unconscionable damage to our higher education and social service infrastructures. While we're not paying for these things and breaking these services one at a time, what else are we doing? Racking up another $11 million of debt everyday," said Biss. 

Biss added Illinois leadership needs to change for life to improve in the state. 

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