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Animal House: These Sharks Are Sweeties

Mar 1, 2016

It can be Shark Week all year long at your house if you add a freshwater shark to your fish tank.  And you won't need a bigger boat with the freshwater shark. These small cousins to the ocean-going variety bring the shark sensibility to your aquarium, without the danger.

*Fresh water sharks are actually a sort of catfish bottom feeder.  

*They can be territorial to other shark species.  

*If the tank is not crowded and there's plenty of food for all, the shark is sweet and easy-going.

*They can live for up to five years and come in many colors.

*Some sharks can grow up to a foot long.

*They eat brine shrimp, pellet and  flake food, even zucchini and cucumber slices.

*Sharks like plant life and caves to hang out in around the aquarium.