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Animal House: The Do's And One Big Don't Of A Pet First Aid Kit

Mar 15, 2016

The Cone of Shame will keep your pet from licking off topical treatments. Keep a couple in your pet's first aid kit.
Credit Doc Searls / Flickr via Creative Commons

You likely have a first aid kit in your home for yourself and your family.  So how about one for your pets, too?  It's a good idea, but you've got to put some thought into what you'll include.  Dr. Matt Fraker from Prairie Oak Veterinary Center in Normal has some suggestions to help you help your pet.

*The most important item in your pet's first aid kit is your veterinarians' phone number.  If you're at all unsure about a health issue with your pet, first call your vet for advice.

*A big don't for a pet first aid kit is to include drugs for people.  While some, like Benadryl, can work on pets, others, such as acetaminophen, can cause damage to your furry buddy -- possibly even lead to your pet's death. Again, always check with your vet first to see what is right for your pet.

*Hydrogen peroxide is okay to use -- but only once.  Do not reapply as it can cause tissue damage.

*If you apply medicine to a cut, lightly wrap in gauze or, better still, use an Elizabethan collar, a.k.a. the Cone of Shame.

*Knowing if your pet has a fever is good intel for your vet, so a rectal thermometer is a good addition to your pet's first aid kit.  And some lubricant, too. Ah-hem!  

*If your pet is diabetic, keep Karo syrup on hand in case of a seizure.  Apply it to the gums to buy time before you get to the vet.

Molly, from Wish Bone Canine Rescue, is the Animal House Pet of the Week and is available for adoption.
Credit Valerie Wellin / Wish Bone Canine Rescue