An Adopted Persona Is On The Turntable At Waiting Room Records

Jan 9, 2017

Trevor Basham of Waiting Room Records in Normal "Jumping The Shark" with Alex Cameron.
Credit Jon Norton / WGLT

GLT's Jon Norton occasionally drops by local record stores to hear what's playing on the turntable while customers browse the bins.  This week, Trevor Basham of Waiting Room Records in uptown Normal introduced him to a quirky Australian who both conceptually and physically adopts the persona of a failed lounge singer.

As he took Norton through the album, Basham noted how Cameron explores the cracks and crevices of the music business with dark lyrical content set to 1980's like synth music.

"It's a guy whose life is a constellation of microscopic tragedies and failures," said Basham. "That's a direct quote from him describing the album.  He puts on makeup and with this persona he has all these scars, pockmarks, and wrinkles all over his face.  It's like some sort of Bowie-esk, weird persona that he's just donning for his album."

Click "Listen" below to hear Basham take you through various cuts from "Jumping The Shark" from Alex Cameron, which he characterizes as "probably" his favorite album of 2016.