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GLT Podcasts

Sound IdeasGLT's Sound Ideas

Your local radio magazine, covering news and news makers, culture and community, every weekday at 11AM.


GLT Uncommon Knowledge™

In just two and a half minutes you'll learn something about the world around you. Hosts Jay and Janet tackle odd little science questions with good humor and solid information.


GLT's Poetry Radio™

Poetry on the radio done right; great readings underscored with a perfect piece of music.


GLT's Dean of Green Garden Almanac™

Every week, Laura Kennedy and Don Schmidt -- the Dean of Green -- bring you helpful things every avid gardener should be doing.


GLT's Dean of Green™

Our weekly garden advice program with GLT's Laura Kennedy and the Dean of Green, Don Schmidt.


GLT Blues Next™

GLT Music Director and Blues Host Jon Norton listens to a ton of blues every week deciding what makes the cut and what doesn't. Hear from the featured artist and hear their music in this weekly podcast. 


GLT Jazz Next™

Listen for up-and-coming artists and tunes deserving a bit more attention. You'll also learn a little about the artist and with this weekly podcast, you'll stay on top of what's happening in jazz.


talkin_blues Talkin' Blues

It's an hour of music and conversation with top blues artists.



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