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Bruce Bergethon

Acousticity Host, Retired General Manager

Bruce Bergethon was GLT general manager from 1990 to 2015. He has degrees in mass communications and anthropology, and taught media management, broadcast programming, film studies and advertising at Illinois State and New Mexico State University. He has hosted the weekly folk music program Acousticity since 1992.

Bruce is active in the Normal Rotary Club. He’s a slow reader; plays “adequate” fiddle and mandolin in The Old Men Boys; loves to eat, cook and delight in his modest wine cellar.  He can both pronounce and enjoy Cotes du Rhone and Gruner Veltliner.

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Since 1992, GLT’s Acousticity has explored the world of “flexible folk,” with a distinctive mix of bluegrass, Celtic and songwriter music. Here are Acousticity host Bruce Bergethon’s Top 20 songs for June, via a Spotify playlist.

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Rico Wayne Johnson and Dove Benoit are a pair of Peorians bringing the sounds of Brazil, and other Latin American rhythms, to central Illinois. The Brazilionaires will kick off the GLT Summer Concert presented by CEFCU this Saturday June 11th in downtown Bloomington.

A few months ago, the group stopped by the GLT studios with a bunch of great local jazz musicians to play some tunes from their new CD, and talked with Bruce Bergethon about spreading sambas and boleros across the Heartland.

James McGowan: To My Son, Old Enough for Bass, read by James McGowan. Music by Taj Mahal (Fishing Blues from The Taj Anthology)

Nostalgia 12/29/15

Dec 30, 2015

Billy Collins: Nostalgia, read by Billy Collins. Music by Oliver Lake (Stolen Moments from Dat Love)

Kathryn Kerr: Field Ecologist's Love Song, read by Kathryn Kerr. Music by Bruce Cockburn (Train in the Rain from Dart to the Heart)

Fishing 12/24/15

Dec 30, 2015

Kirstin Hotelling Zona: Fishing, read by Kirstin Hotelling Zona. Music by Joseph Mancilla (Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios from Oasis Classical and Instrumental)

Thylias Moss: One Year Sunny Stabs Himself, read by Thylias Moss. Music by Scott Johnson (Break Forth O Beauteous Heav'nly Light from Christmas Guitars)

Kathleen Kirk: Married Love, read by Kathleen Kirk. Music by Bill Spence (Billy's Chinese Tune from The Hammered Dulcimer Returns!)

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Every year, Acousticity host Bruce Bergethon keeps a list - of the favorite holiday songs by artists he interviews for the GLT Sunday night program. It's December, and Bruce has checked the list twice, tracked down the songs, and presents this medley of holiday treats, naughty AND nice, for your enjoyment.

Lucia Getsi: Vanishing Point, read by Lucia Getsi. Music by Walter Parks and Amy Platt (Walt's for Tara from Oasis Instrumentals 3)

Solitude 12/15/15

Dec 11, 2015

Duke Ellington and Irving Mills: Solitude, read by Pearl Cleage. Music by Jethro Burns (Solitude from Swing Low, Sweet Mandolin)

Susan Bright: The Art of Pie, read by Claudia Schmidt. Music by Red Garland with the Miles Davis Quintet (Billy Boy from Milestones)

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Cecil Giscombe: Afroprairie, read by Cecil Giscombe. Music by Oran Etkin (It Don't Mean a Thing from Kelenia)

Emily Dickinson: Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers (1859 and 1861 versions), read by Robert Sutherland. Music by Lena Willemark and Ale Moller (Hornlat from Nordan)

John Firefly: Acousticity, read by John Firefly. Music by Mike Compton (Honky Tonk Swing from Climbing the Walls)

Bill Morgan: My Father's Cigarettes, read by Bill Morgan. Music by Joe Myers (Sunrise from Troubled Notes from the Hotel Chelsea)

Hear 14 of Bruce Bergethon's favorite poems from Poetry Radio's 23 year history on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays during December, plus 9 bonus poems.

During its 23 years on GLT, Poetry Radio has encompassed a wide variety of interpretations, from local poets and readers to internationally-acclaimed authors. In this last month of broadcasts, I've chosen some of my favorite episodes, including former Senator Paul Simon and songwriter Claudia Schmidt, plus works by each of the four ISU poets who co-hosted the program. But there's so much more in the archives, as the nine poems below display. As producer, Poetry Radio has always been a labor of love and learning for me, and I hope it's expanded your horizons, too.

Walt Whitman: I Hear America Singing, read by IL Senator Paul Simon (1928-2003). Music of Charles Ives, "Variations on America," performed by the US Coast Guard Band.

Redolence 11/29/15

Dec 1, 2015

Aaron Anstett: Redolence, read by Aaron Anstett. Music by Mike Marshall (Gator Strut from Gator Strut)

Compass Records

Alison Brown is the CEO of Compass Records. She's also a mom, an MBA and a musician. GLT's Bruce Bergethon spoke with the woman who's working to redefine her instrument of choice.

Ewa Chrusciel: I Buy a Sausage At the Airport, read by Ewa Chrusciel. Music by Lac La Belle (Lions of the West from A Friend Too Long)

Steve Fay: Li Po in Hancock County (for Bill Morgan), read by Steve Fay. Music by Sarah Lee Guthrie (Tarantula from Sarah Lee Guthrie)

Paulette Roeske: The Wife Takes a Child, read by Paulette Roeske. Music by John Hartford (The Ten Chord Blues from You Can't Run From Love)

Jacob Saenz: Poem For the Grandmother, read by Jacob Saenz. Music by Michael Shelley (Winner of the Ebsom Oaks from Jimmy's Corner)