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Farming: A Growing Concern

This series aired during Morning Edition and All Things Considered Monday, September 24-28, 2012. 

combine Part 1, September 24: "Government Regulation"
The agriculture industry has had a rocky year, highlighted by a vicious drought and oppressive midwestern heat. Farmers in Illinois and elsewhere are trying to make the best of the harvest, while bracing for what lies ahead. As Willis Kern reports in the first segment of the GLT News Series Farming: A Growing Concern, the immediate future is clouded by gridlock in Washington.


farm_series2Part 2, September 25: "Technology"
Humans need an adequate secure food supply to sustain civilization. Over centuries agricultural technology has created huge changes in the way people live. WGLT's Charlie Schlenker reports in the second segment of the GLT News Series, Farming: A Growing Concern, that the stakes for technological progress have never been higher.


farm_series3Part 3, September 26: "Mentoring"
Through the years, farmers have grown a variety of crops. Perhaps the most important crop of all was a new generation of farmers. Careers in agriculture have been traditionally passed down from parent to child. But that's falling by the wayside, as more young people choose other careers. As WGLT's Laura Kennedy reports in part three of the GLT News Series Farming: A Growing Concern, farmer mentorships may fill the gap.


farm_series4Part 4, September 27: "Sustainability"
Consumers are becoming very savvy when it comes to their food. They want to know where it came from, what chemicals it's exposed to, and how fresh it is. That's resulted in a growing interest in locally grown food, and consumers known as locavores. WGLT's Jim Browne goes to the source in today's installment of our series, Farming: A Growing Concern.


farm_series5Part 5, September 28: "Climate Change"
This summer was brutal for farmers. In McLean County, soybean and corn crops struggled with short, rare rains while dairy cows and livestock endured intense heat. By June, the drought covered more than half the United States. As Daniel Hajek reports in the final installment of the GLT News Series "Farming: A Growing Concern," this record-breaking season raises questions about climate change.

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