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The Halo Effect

WGLT offers a non-intrusive, clutter-free environment with focused and impactful spot scheduling. The GLT audience responds to the concise and straightforward information provided by sponsors, which instills a sense of quality, credibility, and community connection between our listeners and your product or service.

GLT listeners are invested in the programs they personally financially support and depend on everyday. They value organizations and businesses who help make GLT’s local and NPR programming possible. In fact, listeners are more likely to consider, purchase, and recommend a business they heard on public radio when making purchasing decisions – NPR describes this as “the halo effect.”

GLT listeners trust the programming and services we offer, and that trust transfers to the companies or organizations that sponsor GLT.

78% of NPR news listeners have made purchases or sought out business based off a sponsorship announcement

70% of NPR news listeners say that their opinion of a business is more positive when they find out it supports public radio

51% of NPR news listeners feel the businesses they hear in sponsorship announcements on public radio are more credible than those they hear in advertising on commercial radio stations