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Commuter Resources

Commuter Resources

You may not realize it, but in the Bloomington Normal Community it's really easy to get around using alternative transportation. There are a lot of options available. Find the resources below to help you change your commuting style. And remember you can mix your modes - try biking to the bus stop and then take the bus. Or you can bring your bike on the train and ride to work from the Amtrak station.  The possibilities are endless.

Walking and Biking


Plan your route

Rules, Regulations and Safety

Bike and Bus

This you tube video shows you how to load your bike on the bus

Other Resources

Bus and Train


Connect Transit - use their fixed route map to determine the line closest to you or call them at (309) 828-9833. Find real time bus route info on your PC or smart phone.   


Amtrak – Did you know that you can bring your bike on the train with you? Ride to work from the train station or catch a bus to your destination.

Headed out of town Don't forget that you can take bus for longer trips too!


Carpooling to work is a great option. You can save gas and reduce the wear and tear on your car.  Check with your employer to see if they have rideshare or vanpool program.  If not, try these sites:


For many jobs, technology now enables people to work from home or anywhere.  Learn about the benefits of telecommuting.  Check with your employer to see if you can telecommute.

For more information about telecommuting:

Support Your Public Radio Station

Marketing Materials

poster example

Below is a series of posters that may be used to promote the Commuter Challenge at your workplace. Feel free to send as an email attachment around the office or print out to hang on a community bulletin board.

Bike to Work

Walk to Work

Carpool to Work

Telecommute to Work

Ride the Bus to Work

Ride the Train to Work

Skate to Work

Whole Series

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