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GLT's Audience

Connect with GLT’s Influential, Affluent, and Curious Audience!

Your GLT sponsorship is not just good for the community; it’s also good business. GLT can help you grow your business by connecting you to Central Illinois’ best and brightest. Compared to the U.S Population as a whole, GLT and NPR listeners are…

  • 98% more likely to have a household income of $200,000+
  • 212% more likely to hold an advanced college degree
  • 69% more likely to be the president of a company, and more than twice likely to work in top management
  • 139% more likely to own at least $150,000 in investments
  • 91% more likely to use a financial planner or CFP
  • 117% more likely to have gone to live theater in the past year
  • 152% more likely to have attended art galleries or shows in the past year
  • 62% of NPR news listeners pay attention to the sponsorship announcement they hear on public radio

78% of NPR news listeners have made purchases or sought out business based off a sponsorship announcement.

70% of NPR news listeners say that their opinion of a business is more positive when they find out it supports public radio.

51% of NPR news listeners feel the businesses they hear in sponsorship announcements on public radio are more credible than those they hear in advertising on commercial radio stations.

Source: MRI Doublebase 2014  Base: Total U.S. Adults