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Roberta Donnay When: February 2015
Where: TBA
Time: 8:30 Concert

Roberta Donnay and the Prohibition Mob Band took us back to an era of beaded dresses and cloche hats, pinstripes and fedoras. It was a night of 20s swing, Gin Rickeys & Sidecars, a room full of flappers and dandies, and lots of dancing. See photos here ...

Our resident flapper Laura Kennedy offers this glossary of Twenty's Slang to get you in the right frame of mind:
Bum's rush - Ejection by force from an establishment
Copacetic - Wonderful, fine, all right
Don't know from nothin' - Don't have any information
Flivver - a Model T; after 1928, could mean any old broken down car
Mrs. Grundy - A priggish or extremely tight-laced person
Palooka - (1) A below-average or average boxer, (2) a social outsider, from the comic strip character Joe Palooka
Spifflicated - Drunk. The same as canned, corked, tanked, primed, scrooched, jazzed, zozzled, plastered, owled, embalmed, lit, potted, ossified or fried to the hat
Clip joint - In some cases, a nightclub where the prices are high and the patrons are fleeced
Flat Tire - A dull-witted or disappointing date
Giggle juice - Liquor
Marbles - Pearls
Out on the roof - To drink a lot, to be drunk
Sheba - A woman with sex appeal
Sheik - A man with sex appeal
Weak sister - A push-over

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