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Corporate Support

GLT is an NPR affiliate delivering excellent local, national and international news, information and entertainment.

GLT reaches more than 25,000 central Illinois listeners weekly through radio broadcast from the campus of Illinois State University. Our reach extends to tens of thousands more audience members globally through, web streams, and the NPR One app.  

Underwriting with GLT

GLT offers a non-intrusive, clutter-free environment for on-air and online underwriters. Many options for marketing or philanthropy exist, and your support ensures you’ll be reaching business owners, community leaders, decision makers, and influencers who are engaged and intensely loyal to GLT. Our audience is 88 percent more likely to buy products or services from companies that support public radio. The concise and straightforward underwriting messages instill a sense of quality, credibility, and community connection between our audience and your product or service.

Our team will work with you to help your organization reach financial, marketing, and/or philanthropic goals.

The Halo Effect

GLT is among the most award-winning public radio stations in Illinois and, for the size of our community, in the country. When you become a GLT underwriter you not only raise awareness of your business among an exceptional audience, you also contribute to the success of a vital and valued community service. Our audience is very invested in the programs they financially support and depend on every day.

In turn, they value organizations and businesses who help make GLT’s local and NPR programming possible—NPR describes this as the "halo effect":

  • 78 percent of NPR news listeners have made purchases or sought out business based off an underwriting announcement
  • 70 percent of NPR news listeners say their opinion of a business is more positive when they find out it supports public radio
  • 51 percent of NPR news listeners feel the businesses they hear in sponsorship announcements on public radio are more credible than those they hear in advertising on commercial radio stations


If you are interested in becoming a GLT underwriter, contact Bobby Nash Castillo at

GLT Corporate Support Director Bobby Nash Castillo.
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