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GLT Day Sponsors

Contribute just one dollar a day for a year (or more) and you can celebrate a personal milestone with a day of announcements on GLT.

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or graduations. Honor a life well lived or welcome a new baby into the world. Congratulate a retiree, thank colleagues for a job well done, or commend your favorite organization for community service. We've even had a GLT Day Sponsor use his announcement to propose to his sweetie. (She said yes.)

Your Day Sponsor message will run on GLT five times on the day of your choice and we'll send you a link to your Day Sponsorship message so you can share it on social media.

Here is a brief guide to GLT Day Sponsorships. If you're looking for a little inspiration for your announcement, listen to any of the following GLT Day Sponsorship messages or to one of the recent Day Sponsors to the right.

(All GLT Day Sponsorship announcements must be approved in advance by the GLT staff. Please give us two weeks notice to record and schedule your announcements. For more information, feel free to email GLT Membership Director Pat Peterson or call her (309) 438-3581.)

Newlyweds celebrate their big day.


Listeners and local farmers mark the opening of Farmer's Market season.


A daughter wishes her mom and all moms a Happy Mother's Day.


Anonymous GLT listeners celebrate their anniversary by thanking fellow contributors for supporting the station.

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Recent Day Sponsors

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