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Power GLT with Your Contribution

50% of the money GLT needs to pay for the programs you rely on comes for local businesses and listeners like you. Please do your part and contribute today. Thanks!


Here's what some contributing listeners have to say about GLT. We'd love to hear from you as well.

“Local news = invaluable. Local events= invaluable. Local community involvement = invaluable. Thanks.”

“Love your station. It’s my main source of news, like a lot of the music and the events you bring to the community are great.”

“Thanks for the outstanding service…I’m so glad I’ve finally contributed. It’s way past due.”

“I cannot imagine life without public radio like GLT. Keep up the fantastic work.”

“As a teacher, I bring GLT and NPR into the classroom constantly as the information is generous and insightful.”

“Superb programming, clear communication, pertinent news stores...Thanks”

“My pledge to GLT is a gift to my community and a gift to myself.”

Support Your Public Radio Station


Take a stand for your public radio and television stations. Get the latest on preserving federal funding for public media by signing up with Protect My Public Media today.

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